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100 Questions: Minecraft Style

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How to Play:

1. Diamond this Blog (Optional ofcourse)

2. Answer ALL questions

3. Comment at the end of the 100 q's an extra Question i could add and i will add it on top

100 Questions:

1. How long have you played Minecraft?

2. When did you start Playing Minecraft?

3. Will you always play minecraft?

4. Why do you play minecraft?

5. How do you survive through the night?

6. what animal do you kill the most?

7. Do you Play online?

8. Do you play offline?

9. Whats your favourite Type of Wood?

10. Do you like to mine?

11. Are you a good redstoner?

12. Are you a moderator of any server? if so what server?

13. Are you an admin of any server? if so what server?

14. What do you mine the most?

15. Do you pay attention to all the updates?

16. Did you diamond this blog?

17. do you think Minecraft will ever lose public interest?

18. Do you think Minecraft has ruined your life?

19. Do you think Minecraft has helped you learn in any way?

20. Do you like blogging about minecraft?

21. Do you farm?

22. Do you go to the nether?

23. Do you go to the End?

24. Do you Mod minecraft?

25. Does your school block Minecraft?

26. What part of minecraft don't you understand?

27. Do you own a minecraft server?

28. Are you over 18?

29. Are you under 18?

30. Are you obsessed With Minecraft?

31. How would you rate Minecraft?

32. How would you rate PlanetMinecraft?

33. What would you rate this Blog?

34. Do you grief Servers? If yes Why?

35. What Style of minecraft do you play?

36. Do you think your too young to play minecraft?

37. do you think your too old to play minecraft?

38. Do you think minecraft has recked your social life?

39. Does minecraft sometimes get you Grounded?

40. Who is the Best Moderator of PlanetMinecraft? Why?

41. What Country are you from?

42. Can you run Minecraft with full Qaulity?

43. Does your parents play minecraft?

44. Do you/Can you make Minecraft skins?

45. I minecraft all you play?

46. Do you think minecraft Could become an actual movie?

47. Do you ever get bored of Minecraft?

48. Are you Afraid of creepers?

49. Do you make Lets plays?

50. Do you make tutorials?

51. How much time do you spend on Minecraft?

52. Do you like Mindcrack Servers?

53. Whats your favourite animal?

54. Whats your favourite monster?

55. Who's your Favourite Moderator on a server? And which server?

56. Why do you think i am Writing this blog?

57. Do you make Minecraft stories?

58. Do you make Machinimas?

59. Do you hate griefers? Why?

60. Do you like roleplay servers?

61. Do you play vanilla?

62. Do you watch Minecraftian?

63. Are you over level 10 on PlanetMinecraft?

64. Do you Believe that You could be a minecraft expert?

65. Do you believe i Could be a minecraft expert?

66. do you have the potential to start a server?

67. Have you had servers before?

68. Have you ever failed at writing a good blog?

69. Can you make a redstone Clock?

70. Could you list all Minecraft enchantments?

71. Can you build a WaterPark?

72. Do you believe you are better with creative than survival?

73. Have you ever met someone special as a result of minecraft?

74. Do you think you are mature?

75. Have you ever been banned from PlanetMinecraft?

76. Can you draw minecraft Pictures?

77. Do you do pixel art?

78. Can you make an automatic farm?

79. Are you getting bored answering these questions?

80. Are you a good builder?

81. Are you a good liar?

82. Do you go to work or school?

83. Do you think PlanetMinecraft will ever shut down?

84. If you have had a server, how long was it up for?

85. Do you want revenge on griefers?

86. How has minecraft got you into trouble?

87. Do you like to Play just by yourself?

88. Do you enjoy PVP?

89. Do you ever get bored playing minecraft?

90. Whats a Blog topic you would like to see on PlanetMinecraft?

91. What mod would you like to see in minecraft?

92. Why did you diamond this post? if not why?

93. Why did you decide to Complete this 100 Questions?

94. Do you know who Created minecraft?

95. Do you like creative or Survival or even both?

96. Why is creative mode good?

97. Why is survival good?

98. Do you play Hardcore?

99. Do you play on Hardcore servers?

100. What Blog could i do next?

Thank you for participating!
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