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100 things to do on minecraft ( All 100 there)

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LaughingPhoenix25 avatar LaughingPhoenix25
Level 24 : Expert Dolphin
Hello LaughingPhoenix here for 100 things to do in minecraft this is my first blog, Ever get Bord? just read this and find what to do. ENJOY :D
and just a heads up I'm dyslexia so don't flip out if some words are mess spelt i try
(you can also use this as a check list)
1: Find a jungle temple
2: Kill a creeper
3: Find a doggy
4: tame over 5 dogs
5: tame over 5 cats
6: make a farm
7: make a dirt house
8: make a house with 5 or more types of block in it
9:Get all wood tools
10: get all stone tools
11: get all gold tools
12: get all diamond tools
13: go to the nether
14: kill a ghast
15: kill a ghast without a bow
16: kill a blaze
17: kill a blaze with snowballs
18: make a house in the nether
19: go to the end
18: kill 10 endermen in the end
19: kill the ender dragon
20: kill the ender dragon without killing his pillers
21:grow pumpkins
22: grow melons
23:grow wheat
24: make a pixel art
25: kill a zombie
26: kill a sheep
27: kill a pig
28: build a redstone building
29: build a house out of ice
30: make a snowman
31: chop one of each tree
33: Get a diamond
33: get a diamond block
34: Find one of every disk
35: make a cake
36: eat the cake
37: blame a sheep on eating your cake
38: Go mineing with TNT
39: burn a whole forest
40: join a server
41: join Mc.arcanisaga.in
42: kill a player with just your fist
43: say hi to LaughingPhoenix on Mc.arcanisaga.in
44: get a texture pack
45: get a map
46: play the map
47: build a city
48: build a grave yard
49: eat a cookie
50:Ride a pig
51: then kill the pig
52: eat your pet pig
53: make a figure of yourself
54: get shadders mod
55: get mods
56: get feed the beast
57: get technic
58: set fire to the rain by lighting eveything on fire when its raining
59: brun a village
60; make a villager have a baby
61: kill the baby
62: make a bed
63: sleep in the bed
64: build a bow
65: kill a creeper with a bow at point blank
65: get a diamond sword
66: get sharpness 5 on your diamond sword
67: get a bow with infinity
68: have a chest for everything
69: get one of each block
70: get 100 roses
71: get 100 yellow flowers
72: shift click real fast
73: blow up a whole biom
74: burn a whole biom
75: have 40 pets
76: build a barn
77: build a fence for you pets
78: burn your pets
79: get stock by lighting
80: kill a blue creeper
81: meet notch in person
82: build a castle
83: build a holy church
84: build a town spawn
85: make a server
86: build a spawn for your server
87: build plots for your server
88: blow up your server
89: kill 5 creepers in 1 min
90: play for 5 hours straight
91: play hardcore mode
92: beat hardcore mode
93: then die
94: die 100 times in a hour
95: use UCD craft texture pack
95: like this blog
96: sub to LaughingPhoenix
97: diamond this blog
98: like the blog
99: get 100 sticks and beat a sheep

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06/14/2018 12:55 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Oddshouten avatar
Dyslexia aside, were you like 9 years old when you typed this? Because, speaking as someone suffering from severe dyslexia myself, I haven't had trouble spelling like you seem to have since i was like 8/yo. And even then, it was nowhere near as bad as yours.

If you were older than 9 at the time of this post, you may want to get an official IQ test, from as licensed psychiatrist, and see if you meet the minimum standard for mental retardation. Because, if you are lucky enough to have the excuse of being below the 70 IQ line, which would qualify you as a registered retard, you may qualify for a stupid (pun only mildly intended) amount of government aid (welfare/disability, Et al.).
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