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Living_Legend123 avatar Living_Legend123
Level 51 : Grandmaster Blockhead
This is mostly for faction and towny servers, some apply to regular vanilla servers also. Sorry if there is more Do's than Don'ts......

*Added a PVP section at the bottom!

In this whats new i will be focussing on the PVP section:
1) Left and right click at the same time while pvping to take less damage as you fight someone.
2) Also, jump and attack at the same time it does more damage as you hit them coming down.
3) If you have to run away don't go backwards trying to hit the person, instead run and jump it is much faster.
4) If your server sells cobwebs place them behind you so the person chasing you gets stuck, this will give you time to escape or time to wack the other person.
5) If you have knockback try to bump the person off a cliff or into lava, if people are in lava the travel slowly so you can also hit them too XD
1) DO try to make friends, but don't seem desperate.
2) DO recruit people, not complete noobs though, pay attention to who is trust worthy and who isn't through chat.
3) DO make a base out of obsidian.
4) DO make a base covered by at least 2 layers of water.5) DO try to make friends with admins, lets face it 75% of server admins give stuff out/tp people out/make bases when they aren't supposed to.
6) DO make rules for your faction to follow, not too crazy, so they know your guidelines.

7) DO make a skybase, it is much harder to try and raid than other bases.
8) DO make a base deep underground so that bedrock is the floor, that deep makes it so people can't see names.
9) DO help others raid people, it lets others know your up for a fight but also that you have powerful friends.
10) DO make sure if someone does come you have the right gear to protect yourself.
11) DO add your faction members on skype/exchange numbers/teamspeak/(anyother thing in this category) so you guys can stay up to date on what is happening with your faction.
12) Do try to be a neutral player, dont side with people to often in arguments/DON'T rage in chat. This will make it so no one has a reason to target you for their next raid.13) DO have at least 1 ally, they can help a lot.

14) DO attack at night time, higher chance if they do see you they may think it is a mob.
15) DO try to get a spy in their faction.
16) DO enchant high level items, with 1.3 enchanting is MUCH easier now.
17) DO use as many beneficial potions as possible.
18) DO bring harmful splash potions, but be careful with aiming, i usually toss those 1st then fight them and don't toss anymore.
19) DO scout the area for a while before attacking.
20) DO bring a good amount of tnt after you scout so you don't lose it the 1st time you come and may die.
21) DO wait for night and lure creepers in if low on tnt
22) DO bring ender pearls they work magic when raiding.
23) DO bring a bucket of lava and 1 for water, use this to make cobblestone over a 1 layer water base. Then blast inside.
24) DO utilize glitches to get inside of bases, careful though sometimes admins see that in their chat making it look like your hacking, and may ban you.
25) DO bring a piston, on some servers you can make a bridge on their land using the pistons pushing power.26) DO know how to build at least a basic cannon (i made a cannon designs and concepts downloadable world check it out if you aren't sure how to make a cannon)

27) DO PVP often, but with great gear so you hardly/never lose.
28) DO Kill known hackers in PVP, this lets others know you are just on another level.
29) DO Click the mouse to hit people literally as fast as you can!!! You know when you have mastered this when almost every time you fight someone calls hacks because of how fast you swing.
30) DO Always have potions on you, this will give you an advantage no matter where you are and will make prepared whenever something pops off.
31) D) roll in a posse( group of people)
32) DO try to be the shot caller of that posse(group), people wont ever mess with you if your posse is strong.
33) DO Pay/force others to be spies for you and collect info on other players/factions/bases. Could even be a mod or admin.
34) DO take down an admin in a fight makes everyone know your name, may be difficult tho.
35) DO control the end, whoever controls the end will control ender pearl production, and will get loads of xp from the dragon whenever an admin respawns it.
36) DO this If your server sells spawners, make a giant mob farm near spawn and claim it(make sure u can never lose land)
and charge people to use it.
37) DO sell other people cords, even if they don't play anymore, this will make it seem like you know where everyone's
base is if you have enough cords written down.
38) DO apply to be a trusted member, or helper on your server, that extra prefix before your name really stands out in chat.
39) DO if your comfortable enough, try to go against 2 or 3 other people by yourself, others watching chat will see you kill 3 people in a row, makes you seem like a crazed killer.
40) DO download a scary yet unique/ cool skin, i use my jason vorhees skin i created and it scares the shit out of people when they don't see me and turn around and BAAAAM i'm right in their face with a scary skin.
41) DO make sure to put your faction members in line if they mess up, this sends a messege you arent a mofo to mess with.
42) DO donate to your server if they provide donation perks and a donator pack, some servers reward with more epic stuff than others.43) DO if you do donate and get items that help drastically in fights, it may be a good idea not to announce to people what you got, most of the time people will want those items with out donating, so they will hunt for you.
44) DO drink fire protection potions and stand in lava for 10 seconds then walk around at spawn or pvp people, this will make you look like you are from hell as the flame wont go away for a while.
45) DO practice with all sword,potions, and bow. If all 3 are "mastered" people wont even try to mess with you after a while.
46) DO if there is a way, somehow take down the biggest faction or at least be a thorn in their side, either by constantly attacking with other people, or blow up their base constantly, just some way to antagonize them so they say your name a lot in chat.

47) DO have an alternate account, or have someone in your group have an alt account.
48) DO use F3 often, it helps a lot with finding bases or following leads on bases.
49) DO have your faction members be made of your friends in real life,they will be a hell of a lot less likely to try to screw you over.
50) DO play often, this will let you know a lot more stuff about other factions, like factions not cooperating with each other, spies giving cords in public chat, and sometimes(pretty rarely) entire factions stop playing and give their items away for free.
51) DO /msg people from other factions and try to become "friends", then try to see if they tp you to their base.
52) DO, when people ask their friends to tp to them send a request also, sometimes if you are lucky they will tp you to them instead of their friend.
53) DO act like you are at your base, but be in a "death pit" and ask people if they want to see your base, if anyone sends a tp request accept it and kill them as soon as you see them. If you are lucky you can get multiple people this way.
54) DO act like you want to pvp someone, then when they show up have a friend tp to you.
55) DO make a"hit list" and announce who is on it, then DESTROY them in battle/ take their base, so people know just exactly what you are capable of, and that you will do something when you say you will.
56) DO, when finding a base that is on your "hit list" set your /home their so you can magically appear if any shit talking starts.

57) DO if you have powerful allies/ friends. Let others know they got your back, this will prevent at least 75% of conflicts you may or may not want to fight.
58) Do get a flame bow or sword, fight someone is that doesn't have this and you guys will most likely just spam click at each other, fighting with this will make the other run in terror(unless they have a fire res potion)
59) DO after each and every successful, raid leave a sign with your name on it, if people find enough signs with your name and a crumbled base behind it they most likely will steer clear of you.
60) DO learn the perfect timing for readying/releasing arrows, if done right you will shoot extremely fast, i have been accused of having hacks a lot because i know the right timing lol.
61) DO try to get people to fight you, if they ask what gear you have say protection 1 (don't say none if you actually do because in 1.3 they made it so enchant items have a glow to them now.
62) DO, one of my favorites, bring a lava bucket to a fight, if the fight goes sour run back, if they follow to close place lava and the stop like being in water and they get burned, and since it is lava the flame damage stays with them a lot longer than just fire would have done.
63) DO, always bring a stack of any block, this will allow you to build pillars to jump in bases, or just allow you to "block jump", a way to jump 2 blocks instead of the max 1 block jump.
64) DO bring regeneration potions, they aren't used to often from my experience, i used them all the time when fighting, it basically makes it so you don't have to run away in fights, even if your gear is slightly worse than the opponent. (Doesn't work if you have garbage items/enchants and the other person has all diamond protection 4 gear with a sharp 5 sword).
65) DO push afk members into non safe zone ares and kill them.
66) DO if your server uses dynamic map, go to bases near yours and clear the land so your base is the only one in the area.
67) DO bring at least 1 boat, you may need it for water, but you can also glitch through 1 layered walls with boats.
68) DO if playing on servers where chests can be opened on any land...break through the wall and VERY fast open the chest behind the wall, this is also on of my favorites.
69) DO try to build your base above the nether sky bedrock barrier. There are videos on how to do so on you tube.
70) DO remember that some servers allow people to have extra land protection on their land.
71) DO use lockette or lwc if your server has it so no one can open your chests but you.
72) DO if your server does have mcmmo level up the swords, axe, archery, acrobatics, and repair skill, they are the most beneficial in PVP for me, (side note: unarmed can allow you to steal the other persons weapon too)
73) DO dig around a base your trying to raid (at the wilderness/faction land spot) to try and find a way in, people don't completely claim their bases pretty often.
74) DO put stuff away after a drop party, go back to spawn and try to kill the other people that were at the drop party for more items!!75) DO this when joining new servers, type /f list and search for factions with no one on, then try to join them because some may not require an invite, then steal their items for yourself and save a lot of time/effort. I use to do this whenever i joined a new server because after making a faction it automatically became open but im 60% sure they fixed this in an update of the factions plugin.
76) DO Try to find the corner of the world border and make it so you base has 2 sides against world border.

I had to make a part 2 with the Do Nots and the PVP sections because the post was getting too long and was deleting the new tips i was adding, so to see more check out part 2!!!

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Update #7 : by Living_Legend123 09/09/2012 4:52:22 pmSep 9th, 2012

Separated this blog into another post due to new tips being erased from it being so long.

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03/05/2015 12:44 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
NinGamerPC avatar
this looks incredibly helpful. =D i gotta try these out sometime.
07/08/2013 8:14 am
Level 1 : New Toast
LeSwankLion avatar
Left click. I just summarized every pvp guide in 2 words
09/17/2012 2:57 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Warrior
ubfunkeyme avatar
you are a living legend
09/17/2012 7:37 pm
Level 51 : Grandmaster Blockhead
Living_Legend123 avatar
haha thanks bro
09/09/2012 5:37 pm
Level 38 : Artisan Creeper Hugger
CreeperKiller999 avatar
i can't make blgs this big my computer glitches out XD
09/09/2012 5:53 pm
Level 51 : Grandmaster Blockhead
Living_Legend123 avatar
Lol yea its weird that it doesnt let you write long blogs on PMC haha
09/09/2012 6:00 pm
Level 38 : Artisan Creeper Hugger
CreeperKiller999 avatar
09/06/2012 10:38 am
Level 51 : Grandmaster Blockhead
Living_Legend123 avatar
=O i didnt know it cut off some of my post if its this long lol,, im going to have to make a part 2 XD
09/06/2012 9:28 am
Level 8 : Apprentice Engineer
teking avatar
Hi, I just saw this blog and I said "Wow, it's great" Hi, I have a lot of personal experience with raiding on Hardcore-like PvP servers. I were banned a lots of times for hacking due to my good skils. An moderator spyed me once, and he saws that I was fully legal. I have my chests full of diamond stuff and enchanted tools. I have got a (exactly) 9436 blocks long tunnel system underground just to travel quickly and to easly raid bases from underground. I were the most powerfull faction almost all the time, with an blast-resistant base. I never used most of this tips, and I dont even know why Im a master on raiding, but I am. If you want to know more about it feel free to PM me and I will give you the IP of my current server (I ussualy stay on same server a lot, until I get banned for hacking), so maybe you can learn something from me. I really dont know what I do, but I am the king of most servers i've visited.
09/06/2012 10:36 am
Level 51 : Grandmaster Blockhead
Living_Legend123 avatar
Thanks for the compliments dude, i know exactly how you feel i have been banned soo many times because admins thought i hacked to be a beast pvper. Even after everytime someone said i hacked i would ask the mods/admins on if my name popped up in nocheat and of course it didn't, but soon enough after starting to dominate a server i would be banned for some BS....and i will probably add that tunnel thing in the next update for this post. Also, i just downloaded tekkit a few days ago it is EPIC!!! But im still very new to the items and machines and all that stuff. Some people on a few tekkit servers i tried were really nice and gave me some tips and stuff but im still learning. I would love to join with you bro we can rule the lands XD
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