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1000 things to do in minecraft Pt.1

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buzzybrendan avatar buzzybrendan
Level 49 : Master Engineer
Hello PMC today i've started a new blog series :D called [read the title] so here are 50 ideas for pt.1

  1. Build a statue of your own skin
  2. Make a cave (tnt :) )
  3. Randomly trade with villagers
  4. Make a PvP arena for endermen and iron golems
  5. Download and play with one of my projects
  6. Check and follow my 2 monthly contest for ideas
  7. Write a autobiography about your mc live
  8. Make a superflat world out of TnT
  9. Make your superflat world out of sand or gravel (gravel recommended)
  10. Make a custom terrain and send it to me so i can grade it
  11. Create a golf course
  12. Hug a creeper
  13. Hug 1,000,000 creepers in survival :D
  14. Make an olympics map
  15. Play tekkit
  16. Make a star wars adventure map
  17. RENAME EVERYTHING WITH THE ANVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Make a MC library
  19. Make a redstone secert passage
  20. Battle as many Monsters as you can by using your PvP arena to battle
  21. Make *** with a creeper :O
  22. Play on your favorite project
  23. Spell raibow letters
  24. Get to level 45 on PMC
  25. Speical #1 : Just watch stuff on youtube
  26. Build a roller coaster
  27. Build a jail and put a creeper in it
  28. Build a town
  29. Build a city
  30. Build a village (custom)
  31. Build a church
  32. Build a park
  33. Make a mob shreader
  34. In your PvP arena make a redstone door
  35. Join a server called Don't Drop the soap www.planetminecraft.com/server/dont-drop-the-soap-prison-server-131/
  36. Comment if i should add my server
  37. Make a server and comment the link to me (use private message if for just you and me)
  38. Make a skyscraper
  39. Kill the enderdragon
  40. In 1 world find all three strongholds
  41. Make a pig spawner
  42. Be creative and find a way to toilet paper a village
  43. Subscribe to my PMC account
  44. Have fun (weak :3)
  45. Make a graveyard for all your dead MC friends ex: RIP/Piggles/Killed by a wolf
  46. Make a 3D art sculpture of a pig
  47. Make a 2d art scupture
  48. Tell me your favorite server
  49. Make a GIANT piggy bank
  50. Special #2 : Make a website for your server
Thanks for reading and if i get at least 100 views ill make part 2 bye... :D

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06/06/2014 5:26 am
Level 9 : Apprentice Hunter
zapatron3889 avatar
47. Make a wither battle the ender dragon
11/02/2013 1:46 am
Level 20 : Expert Dragon
Albcat avatar
I made 46 :D along with a creeper, which you can see in my only map,
BTW diamond for you
11/03/2013 7:22 am
Level 49 : Master Engineer
buzzybrendan avatar
woah; cool!!! and thnx!
11/10/2012 8:13 pm
Level 4 : Apprentice Miner
bigmac419 avatar
o o o o o o o o
SWEET! I just got a free Minecraft card code at (Ad link removed); o o o o o o o
11/10/2012 8:14 pm
Level 27 : Expert Narwhal
The Diamond Creeper
The Diamond Creeper avatar
Don't even.
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