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1001 Skin Ideas / Inspiration for Minecraft

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1001 Skin Ideas / Inspiration for Minecraft

Hello there, my name is TomConn. I have seen a lot of players, both here on PMC and in general ask the same question: "What skin should I make". After the success of the 1001 Build Ideas blog, you guys voted for a similar blog, but with 1001 Skin ideas! And just a disclaimer: I'm not a skin-artist, quite the opposite :'D However, I am good at gathering information and compiling it, which is exactly what this is! :D

Also, BIG thank you to member DinowCookie for letting me use her skins in the banner!
As an extra thank you: Thank you McMeddon Kaos_Kitten SouthDakotaGirl Luistheteleporter InsanityWaffles for the support! You guys really motivated me to finish the blog and get it out there! I was a bit hesitant because I didn't know how this would be received, but with your response, even before I released it... Thanks you! Your words help motivate me, and makes my day! :)

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1001 Skin Ideas / Inspiration for Minecraft

100 Human Ideas!
Ideas for different kind of human skins you can make!
1001 Skin Ideas / Inspiration for Minecraft

Human Ideas!
1. Blue hair, blue scarf, blue eyes!
2. Red jacket with a cute smile on her face!
3. Make a super model!
4. Create a short haired guy with the wildest street clothing!
5. Create a guy wearing a black jacket, blue jeans, and some killer sun glasses!
6. Create a serial killer!
7. Create a business man!
8. Create a business woman!
9. Create a person with glasses
10. Create a person you know in real life!
11. Create your best friend
12. Create an anatomically correct representation of the human body!
13. Create a bus driver
14. Create a police officer!
15. Create an engineer
16. Create a robotics expert
17. Create a mad scientist!
18. Create a white haired girl with hipster glasses
19. Create a woman wearing the latest fashion!
20. Create a boy who's been out playing in the mud
21. Create a red haired girl with a bomber-jacket on!
22. Create a boy with a gray scarf
23. Create Chester Bennington - Aka. the frontman of Linkin Park and Grey Daze
24. Create your mom
25. Create your dad
26. Create a person wearing a lamp as a hat!
27. Create a guy who has a light on his bicycle helmet
28. Create an annoying cyclist
29. Create a Nascar driver!
30. Create a Formula 1 driver!
31. Create Richard Hammond from The Grand Tour!
32. Create Jeremy Clarkson
33. Create James May!
34. Create a young adult with sky-blue eyes!
35. Create a girl wearing her boyfriends warm and cozy hoodie
36. Create the ideal boyfriend
37. Create the ideal girlfriend
38. Create an artist!
39. Create a self portrait!
40. Create a pianist wearing a tailcoat
41. Create a female rock-guitarist - Playing those heavy tunes!
42. Create a sk8ter boi
43. Create the 4 members of a punk band!
44. Create a pop star!
45. Create a girl with starlight in her hair!
46. Create a badass warrior!
47. Create a gladiator!
48. Create a teacher!
49. Create an Parkour athlete!
50. Create a kid who is dressed as a Ninja!
51. Create an office worker!
52. Create a Facebook employee
53. Create a meme-lord!
54. Create one of your classmates - But they're wearing killer sunglasses!
55. Create a bodyguard
56. Create a man in one of those flying squirrel suits!
57. Create a girl doing extreme sports!
58. Create yourself wearing a badass band t-shirt!
59. Create a girl who loves the snow!
60. Create a guy who loves the summer!
61. Create people who would attend a beach party!
62. Create Steve, but he is a she O:
63. Create Alex, but she is a he!
64. Brown hair, white glasses, and a morning cup of coffee in hand, what more would you want?
65. Create an author that perfectly encapsulates horror!
66. Create a Goth gf
67. Create an emo boy
68. Create a lawyer who is defending a bear
69. Create a wild-life expert
70. Create a business executive!
71. Create a self portrait, but it's you in 20 years! O:
72. Create a human with slime hair!
73. Create a human with robot arms!
74. Create a blue haired girl with an iron heart on her back!
75. Create a boy-scout with a HUGE packback!
76. Create a ninja teacher!
77. Create a bald football player!
78. Create an old man... With a katana?!
79. Create an old woman who knows karate!
80. Create a boxing master, who was just beaten :(
81. Create a man without a soul o:
82. Create a woman sending an email!
83. Red haired emo girl!
84. Black haired post-punk boy!
85. Create a weaboo :')
86. Create a marshal-arts expert!
87. Create a used-cars salesman!
88. Create a stock investor!
89. Create a man with good style
90. Create a burnt out artist
91. Create an artist!
92. Create a train engineer!
93. Create a railway worker!
94. Create a human with enderman eyes o:
95. Create a human in a cute dragon costume!
96. Create a girl in a cute Dino suit!
97. Create a character using only clothe that you own!
98. Create a University professor!
99. Create a bully... But he doesnt want to bully anymore
100. Create a guy with 100 painted on his hoodie!

100 Animal Ideas!
Ideas for different kind of animal / furry skins you can make!

Animal Ideas!
1. A furious tiger!
2. A wild pig!
3. A fursona with blue hair!
4. A wolf fursona!
5. An angry wolf!
6. An elephant!
7. A Dolphin!
8. A cat fursona!
9. A leopard
10. A pink panther!
11. A black panther!
12. Create an angry frog!
13. Create a human-Frog creature!
14. Create the man-bear-pig!
15. Create a teddy bear! (A bear named Teddy)
16. Create a honey bear
17. Create a killer bee!
18. Create a stingray
19. Create an Evil genius stingray villan! >:D
20. Create a shark!
21. Create the reggae shark
22. Create a bunny!
23. Create a gray bunny with big eyes!
24. Create a chicken persona!
25. Create your OC, but it's been turned into a chicken?!
26. Strawberry Butterfly
27. A spider man (Not the superhero)
28. Create a rare Gorilla!
29. Create a centipede
30. Create a butterfly!
31. Create a fursona with the T-shirt you're currently wearing!
32. Create a butterfly with jet engines instead of wings?!
33. Create the ultimate Toad!
34. Create a salamander!
35. Create an owl!
36. Create a fursona that's a flamingo!
37. Create a hummingbird
38. Create a bird fursona with a heavy-metal T-shirt!
39. Create a ostriche
40. Create a parrot companion!
41. Create a penguin with loafers on
42. Create a pigeon eating bread!
43. Create an Eel!
44. Create a hagfish!
45. Create a shark fursona!
46. Create a seahorse!
47. Create an aardvark!
48. Create a bat fursona!
49. Create a whale!
50. Create a rabbit fursona!
51. Create a vegan crocodile :'D
52. Create the ultimate lizard?!
53. Create a tortises, and call it a turtle :)
54. Create the fastest crab in the west!
55. Create a jellyfish fursona
56. Create a roundworm
57. Create the fastest snail in the world!
58. Create a starfish, and name it Patrick!
59. Create a super-squid!
60. Create a reptile president?!
61. Create a group af clams!
62. Create a coral reef that's alive an well
63. Create an artic coral reef that is under the thick ice of the North Pole?!
64. Create a mollusca animal!
65. Create a tiny kitten that is very playful!
66. Create the Hamster of Destruction?! Using his plastic ball to cause chaos!
67. Create a tropical fish fursona
68. Create a mouse fursona
69. Create a cow that could live on the North Pole!
70. Create a group of shrimp
71. Create the ultimate animal! A duck?!
72. Create a deer fursona
73. Create a sheep fursona, but it's a carnivore!
74. Create a black dove!
75. Create an annoying raven
76. Create a seagull!
77. Create a Turkey, but it's got a gun?!
78. Create a walrus!
79. Create a kangaroo with boxing gloves!
80. Create a super-mole that can dig faster than anything in the world!
81. Create a monkey with a banana gun!
82. Create a horse fursona!
83. Create a giraffe fursona
84. Create a hedgehog, make it blue, and call it Sanic
85. Create a lonely coyote :(
86. Create a friend for the lonely coyote :)
87. Create a woodpecker!
88. Create a koala that's sleeping!
89. Create a raccoon fursona!
90. Create a fox fursona!
91. Create a hare with extra strong legs!
92. Create an otter
93. Create a playtepus and call it Perry
94. Create a octopus fursona!
95. Create your friend's dog in Minecraft!
96. Create your friend's cat in Minecraft!
97. Create a cormorant!
98. Create a pelican!
99. Create your own dog in Minecraft!
100. Create your own cat in Minecraft!

100 Palette Ideas!
Ideas for different palettes you can use!

Palette Ideas!

[​Download All Palettes]
Notice: Palette download is not in the same order as this list.

100 Cartoon Ideas!
Ideas for different Cartoon Characters you can try and make!

Cartoon Ideas!
1. Tom, from Tom & Jerry
2. Jerry, from Tom & Jerry
3. Dexter from Dexter's Lab
4. Create your favorite cartoon character!
5. Create a character that would belong in Steven Universe!
6. Create Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony!
7. Create Johnny Bravo!
8. Create Chowder!
9. Create Ed, Edd, n Eddy
10. Create Samurai Jack!
11. Create the daughters of Aku!
12. Create Aku!
13. Create Him, from the power puff girls!
14. Create the power puff girls!
15. Create 2D from Gorillaz
16. Create Murdoc from Gorillaz
17. Create Ace from the Power puff girls!
18. Create Marie Kanker
19. Create Ben 10 and his various aliens!
20. Create Starfire from Teen Titans!
21. Create Robin from Teen Titans
22. Create Gumball from The Amazing World of Gumball!
23. Create Rick & Morty
24. Create Pickle Rick
25. Create the three bears from We Bare Bears
26. Create Courage the cowardly dog!
27. Create Billy & Mandy from Grim Adventures
28. Create Captain Rex from Star Wars the Clone Wars!
29. Create Ahsoka Tano from Star Wars the Clone Wars
30. Create Number 1 from Codename: Kids Next Door
31. Create Optimus Prime from Transformers!
32. Create Jake the Dog from Adventure time!
33. Create Finn the human from Adventure time!
34. Create Uncle Grandpa!
35. Create Mordecai and Rigby from Regular Show
36. Create an angry Benson from Regular show
37. Create princess bubblegum!
38. Create Marceline from Adventure time!
39. Create spongebob!
40. Create Patrick asking if mayonaise is an instrument
41. Create the various teenage mutant ninja turtles!
42. Create Ren & Stimpy
43. Create Hey Arnold, but he's an adult O:
44. Create Invader Zim!
45. Create Kida from Atlantis: The Lost Empire!
46. Create Milo Thatch
47. Create Helga Katrina Sinclair
48. Create Elsa and Anna from Frost
49. Create the Disney rendition of Hercules
50. Create Ralph, from Wreck-it Ralph
51. Create Mulan!
52. Create Jim Hawkins from Treasure Planet!
53. Create Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender
54. Create Katara from Avatar The Last Airbender!
55. Create Sokka!
56. Create Korra from The Legend of Korra
57. Create Legoshi from Beastars!
58. Create Haru from Beastars!
59. Create Hilda from the Netflix adaptation Hilda
60. Create Scooby Doo!
61. Create Bugs Bunny!
62. Create Daffy Duck!
63. Create homer Simpson!
64. Create Charlie Brown
65. Create The Grinch stealing a banana >:0
66. Create Eric, Kyle, Stan, and Kenny from South Park!
67. Create Shaggy at his true power levels?!
68. Create Beavis and Butthead!
69. Create the Pink Panther!
70. Create Donald Duck!
71. Create Spiderman!
72. Create Wonderwoman!
73. Create Batman!
74. Create Shrek, but he's singing All Star
75. Create Stewie Griffin - But he's an adult!
76. Create Yosemite Sam
77. Create Scrooge McDuck!
78. Create Pikachu!
79. Create any Pokemon!
80. Create Ash Ketchum from Pokemon!
81. Create Bender from Futurama!
82. Create Velma Dinkley
83. Create Ariel from The Little Mermaid!
84. Create Road Runner!
85. Create Timmy turner from Fairly Odd Parents
86. Create Perry The Platypus
87. Create Dr. Doofenshmirtz
88. Create Gary from Spongebob!
89. Create Deadpool!
90. Create Baymax from Big Hero 6!
91. Create Goku!
92. Create Kim Possible!
93. Create Skeletor from He-man!
94. Create Leela from Futurama!
95. Create Raven from Teen Titans!
96. Create Sideshow Bob from The Simpsons!
97. Create Jessie and James from Pokemon!
98. Create Mable Pines!
99. Create Uncle Iroh from Avatar!
100. Create Pandemonica (Bonus points of you already know who this is)

100 Adventurer Ideas!
Ideas for different kind of adventurers you can make!

Adventurer Ideas!
1. The monster that lurks under the bridge!
2. The knight who defeated the last dragon!
3. The Dragon born!
4. The troll slayer!
5. The wilderness expert!
6. The insane wizard!
7. The leader of the desert bandits!
8. The expert swordsman!
9. The crazy demolist expert, who also lives under a bridge
10. The dirty clothed thief!
11. The madman who lives in the haunted house!
12. The newbie adventurer!
13. The new girl in town!
14. The new boy in town!
15. The frog lady who lives in the swamp!
16. The goat-master who lives at the peak of goat-mountain!
17. The entertainer for the king!
18. A royal jester!
19. The king of all the lands!
20. The queen of all the lands!
21. Desert fighting expert!
22. Husk hunter!
23. The woodland mansion expert!
24. The crazed farmer from the edge of town!
25. The assassin!
26. The brutalist who wields a double sided axe!
27. The slime king!
28. The king of zombies!
29. The black knight or darkness!
30. The knight of the forest!
31. Spirits of the forest!
32. Dark elf with a crossbow!
33. The blind-wolf archers!
34. The crazy scotsman!
35. The insane cat woman... But she has a sword?!
36. A majestic Sun warrior!
37. Create a a rouge with 3 daggers!
38. Create a bard, playing a lute!
39. Create a paladin!
40. Create a monk, who lives inside a vulcano cluster?!
41. Create a druid who worships nature!
42. Create an anti-druid who worships machines!
43. Create a necromancer who can revive you if you die!
44. Create a Cleric!
45. Create an enchanter that will enchant your gear... For a price
46. Create a crusade leader!
47. Create a really pretty warrior... But he's a traitor! but still pretty :)
48. Create a Shaman!
49. Create a mini-gun weilding zombie!
50. Create a death knight o: scary...
51. Create the Enderdragon tamer!
52. Create a pirate!
53. Create black beard!
54. Create a sea-born master!
55. Create the slayer of cuthulu!
56. Create the cult of culthulu!
57. The holy knights of Algoria!
58. The barbarians of Algoria
59. The crazed barman
60. The paranoid troll under the bridge! he just want some friends :((
61. The friendless wanderer
62. The nomad of many traits!
63. The shady backstreet salesman
64. The loot goon
65. The crazed high-tech nerd
66. The evil tech-support guy!
67. Tech goon!
68. High tech Pyromaniac!
69. A Valkyrie!
70. Create a dark overlord
71. Create a knight from hell!
72. Create a monster so gross, no one dares to look at it!
73. Create the monster under every kids' bed
74. Create a farmer, who is secretly part of the illuminati?!
75. Create an adventurer who only uses spoons for weapons!
76. Create a skilled crossbow expert, who is a villager?!
77. Create a useless warrior :')
78. Create the shy, expert sword smith
79. Create a self absorbed bully
80. Then make someone who can teach the bully a lesson :)
81. Create a godlike figure who's also very lazy!
82. Create the silhouette of the lost citizens!
83. Create an angry citizen who causes trouble for the hero!
84. Create a helpful citizen that provides shelter for any traveling hero!
85. Create the badass mechanic!
86. Create the psycho who only uses a double sided axe!
87. Create the sinner of the dragon!
88. Create a hero from the opposite world!
89. Create a school teacher, who is secretly the villan of the story!
90. Create the helpful sidekick!
91. Create devilspawn!
92. Create a punisher!
93. Create citizen from the secret town of Gloria
94. Create citizens for the city of the sun!
95. Create citizens for the city of darkness!
96. Create a snake-knight! Who uses snake venom on his swords!
97. Create the great piglin warriors! Stronger than any piglin brute!
98. Create a walking abomination, but they're very helpful and kind :)
99. Create the keeper of the secret library!
100. Create yourself as an adventurer!

100 Gaming Ideas!
Ideas for different kind of Gaming characters and personalities you can make!

Gaming Ideas!
1. Create Master Cheif from the Halo series!
2. Create Snake from Metal Gear solid!
3. Create the Snake from the mobile game Snake
4. Create Modeus from Helltaker!
5. Create Commander Shepard!
6. Create Ezio from Assassins Creed!
7. Create McCree from OverWatch
8. Create Handsome Jack from Borderlands 2!
9. Create Rayman!
10. Create Diddy Kong
11. Create Donkey Kong!
12. Create Nathan Drake from Uncharted!
13. Create Gordon Freeman from Half Life!
14. Create Alex from Half Life!
15. Create GLaDOS from Portal!
16. Create Samus Aran from Metroid!
17. Create Princess Zelda!
18. Create Princess Peach!
19. Create Rosalina from the Super Mario Galaxy games!
20. Create that weird Italian plumber ;)
21. Create Agent 47 from Hitman!
22. Create Sonic!
23. Create Bonnie MacFarlane from Red Dead Redemption!
24. Create Sarah Kerrigan from Starcraft!
25. Create Bowser!
26. Create Megaman!
27. Create Max Payne!
28. Create Subzero from Mortal Combat!
29. Create Scorpion from Mortal Combat!
30. Create Kratos from the God of War series!
31. Create Ganondorf from the Zelda games!
32. Create Pacman!
33. Create Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher III
34. Create Lara Croft!
35. Create John Marston from Red Dead Redemption!
36. Create Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn!
37. Create Callie and Marie from Splatoon!
38. Create Clementine from The Walking Dead!
39. Create Lee from The Walking Dead!
40. Create Danny Williams from FIFA!
41. Create Dutch Van Der Linde from Red Dead Redemption!
42. Create Elizabeth from Bioshock!
43. Create Ellie from The Last of Us
44. Create Elodie from Long Live The Queen
45. Create the goose from Untitled Goose Game
46. Create Herschel Biggs from L.A. Noire
47. Create Isabelle from Animal Crossing!
48. Create Jack Baker from Resident Evil 7
49. Create Kiryu Kazuma from the Yakuza Series!
50. Create Josh from Until Dawn!
51. Create Junko Enoshima from the Dangaronpa series!
52. Create Lester Crest from GTA 5
53. Create Carl Johnson from GTA SA
54. Create Madeline from Celeste!
55. Create Mae Borowski from Night in the Woods
56. Create Marcus Fenix from Gears of War!
57. Create Max from Life is Strange!
58. Create Chloe from Life is Strange
59. Create Monika from Doki Doki Literature Club
60. Create Pagan Min from Far Cry 4
61. Create Prince Sidon from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild
62. Create Sam Porter from Death Stranding
63. Create Sans from Undertale
64. Create Papyrus from Undertale
65. Create the Shovel Knight!
66. Create Tracer from Overwatch!
67. Create Whinston from Overwatch!
68. Create The Traveler from Journey
69. Create the Doomguy from the Doom series
70. Create Joel from The Last of Us
71. Create Leon S. Kennedy from Resident Evil!
72. Create Altaïr Ibn La-Ahad from Assassins Creed!
73. Create Captain Price from Call of Duty 4
74. Create Trevor Phillips from GTA 5
75. Create Ryu from Street Fighter!
76. Create Niko Bellic from GTA IV
77. Create Luigi!
78. Create Waluigi!
79. Create Crash Bandicoot!
80. Create Kirby
81. Create Yoshi!
82. Create Micheal De Santa from GTA 5
83. Create Booker DeWitt from Bioshock!
84. Create Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy
85. Create Sora from Kingdom Hearts!
86. Create Ratchet from the Ratchet & Clank series!
87. Create Joker from the Persona series!
88. Create Heavy from TF2
89. Create Scout from TF2
90. Create Medic from TF2
91. Create Prophet from Crysis!
92. Create Claptrap from Borderlands 2!
93. Create Sackboy from Little Big Planet
94. Create Big Smoke from GTA SA
95. Create Ryder from GTA SA
96. Create Faith Connors from Mirror's Edge
97. Create Connor from Detroit: Become Human
98. Create Hank Anderson
99. Create Markus from Detroit: Become Human
100. Create Steve from that weird game... Minecraft

100 Community & Skin Contest Ideas!
Ideas for Skin Contests and community events based around skins!

Community Ideas!
1. A Cyberpunk collab!
2. A 4 skin collab between 4 different users!
3. A contest with a horror theme!
4. A contest with the theme of Technological inventions!
5. An event where everyone has to re-do other creators skins
6. A contest where you speedrun how fast you can shade a skin (Fastest time wins)
7. A 5 color challenge!
8. A pallette challenge!
9. A themepark guest skin contest!
10. A military skin contest!
11. A fantasy skin contest!
12. A contest about diamonds!
13. An event where people have to create skins that compliment other users!
14. Create a fan-skin event! You can now fan-girl over anything!
15. Create a movie night skin contest!
16. Create a collab with your best friend!
17. Create a creeper contest, where you have to make the best creeper skin!
18. Create a PVP skin contest!
19. Create an event where you illustrate your favorite song using skins!
20. Create a painting on skins contest!
21. Create an event where you have to make criminals! :0
22. Create an event where you have to make the MOST ordinary person :'D
23. Create a tech-ninja contest!
24. Create a contest where you have to create a skin from clothing you own
25. Create a portrait contest!
26. Create a portrait event where people can tell you about themselves through skins!
27. A medieval skin contest!
28. A collab between you and someone famous! O:
29. A skin give-away!
30. A skin slot machine! Of course it's free though ;)
31. A contest about what's above the clouds!
32. A cloud-skin contest!
33. Terrain painter event, where you paint terrain on skins!
34. Create a gift for your friend!
35. Create a gift for another member!
36. Create a skin request that someone wanted from the forums!
37. Skin battle with the theme of Robots!
38. Skin battle with the theme of Earth!
39. Skin collab between 8 creators?!
40. Create a skin team who make events together!
41. Place one pixel each, and then try to make skin! You can't override a pixel once its placed!
42. Create a plate of food, where each dish is a new skin! im hungry :(
43. Create a piece of music on skins together!
44. Create a skin contest with roleplay as the theme!
45. Create a skin contest that's about adventures!
46. Create a skin contest about Space Pirates!
47. Create a skin interview where you interview someone about their skin, while they make it!
48. Create a skin review, and make a similar skin to show how you would've done it!
49. Create a Skin of the week!
50. Create a Skin of the month!
51. Create a skin with a friend who has a common interest
52. Create a skin to represent your community!
53. Create skins for your subscribers!
54. Create a skin that can start a discussion in the community!
55. Create a discussion around a skin on the forums!
56. Create a re-color contest!
57. Create a re-shading contest
58. Create a skin-party where everyone has 24 hours to create a party skin!
59. Create a skin celebrating another members birthday!
60. Create a skin that celebrates your friend's birthday
61. Create a skin-family between 5 different creators!
62. Encourage others by making a skin template!
63. Create a shading template to help others!
64. Create a skin tutorial to help others!
65. Create a hunter skin contest!
66. Create a carnivore skin contest!
67. Create an animal skin contest!
68. Create a collab contest!
69. Create a meme contest
70. Create a game of guess the skin!
71. Create a skin game where you take a photo of your real life clothe (Avoid the face) and get someone to make that clothe on a character!
72. Create a cartoon characters contest!
73. Create an anime contest!
74. Create a Steve & Alex rebooted contest!
75. Create a painting contest, where you paint a painting on a skin!
76. A subscriber skin give-away!
77. An army event where you create different military characters to form a Skin army!
78. Create a hacker skin contest!
79. Create an event to raise awareness of global warming
80. Create an event where for each skin submitted you donate 1$ to charity! (Make sure you have funds for this)
81. Create a charity event where you create skins to raise awareness of a world issue
82. Create skins for the Mojang team! And do it with friends! :D
83. Have your friends compete to see who can make the best skin!
84. Create a zombie contest, may the best brain eater win!
85. Create a surprise skin party for a friend!
86. Create a skin for each one of your subscriptions!
87. Create a community event where everyone have to create themselves
88. Create a contest with the theme Blood! O: spooky
89. Create the 24 days, 24 pallettes challenge!
90. Create a similar challenge like Skin-tober!
91. Create a contest with the theme Movie Characters!
92. Create a contest with the theme: Netflix Characters! :D
93. Create a song x skin contest!
94. Create a drawing contest, and the winner gets turned into a skin!
95. Create a skin contest where the winner gets turned into a drawing!
96. Create a skin contest with the theme: Planets and Space!
97. Create a contest with the theme: Pirates under water!
98. Create a collection of fan skins for your favorite PMC user!
99. Create a contest with the theme Time Travel!
100. Create a fan skin for Stubbs1 :)) Im joking, make whatever you want :D

100 Abstract Ideas!
Ideas that defy the human understanding!

Abstract Ideas!
1. Eyes that look everywhere
2. A painting without a motive
3. A representation of a colour that can't exist
4. The 4th dimension
5. Create a skin that is 3D from all angles
6. Create a ball of colour
7. Create a dress of paint
8. Create a flower of fire
9. Create an explosion of nature
10. Create the night watcher
11. Create the night
12. Create the daylight
13. Create a cracked plank with light shining through it
14. Create the alphabet using one letter
15. Create the wolf inside the mountain
16. Create a red and white airship bursting from the chest
17. Create a mosiac flower
18. Create the colour red without using red
19. Create darkness using light
20. The square eye of all humans
21. Create the third eye
22. Create a track of black leading to a blue background
23. Create a sea of black and clouds of white, then add a single line of red
24. Create the illusion of a flower
25. Create an explosion of colours
26. Create a cube of wonder
27. Create an impossible cube
28. Create shapes that does not exist
29. Create a face without eyes, mouth or nose
30. Create a fishbowl eyeball
31. Create paint sticking to leaves
32. Create a blue sun shooting black dots
33. Create black line phasing through white
34. Create an un-understandable image
35. Create a ship that sails in paint
36. Create a skin that resembles pain
37. Create a motive
38. Create motivation
39. Create an animal kingdom but with no animals
40. Create a moving image
41. Create a sun bursting darkness instead of light
42. Create a room illusion
43. Create a paint mess
44. Hide the eyes, make it unclear
45. A blooming flower of purple and cyan
46. Cyan resmbles sky, Cyan resembles water
47. A portal to the beyond
48. A heavy feather floating on water
49. Eyes for all angles
50. The hand
51. Create a pixelated HD forest
52. Create a flower forest
53. Create Bezolds effect
54. Create a Herman Grid illusion
55. A grid like pattern with a synthwave feel
56. Create a piece of music, but it's a skin o:
57. Create darkness using light
58. A freezing cube of ice inside the sun
59. The human mind
60. A breaking heart
61. A burning desire
62. Illustrate the color red, without using any red
63. Illustrate what you're feeling right now
64. A moon inside a cold sun
65. Flowers in space
66. A raindrop of fire
67. A campfire of water
68. The upside down aether
69. The overworld roof
70. A living nightmare
71. A cold place to keep warm
72. Numbers made of letters
73. Letters of numbers
74. Make a skin, that isn't a skin
75. A spiders secret
76. Thoughts of a dog
77. Thoughts of a cat
78. The inner workings of a phone
79. The unimaginable amount of people, lives, and stories you pass every day.
80. Shapes and sizes that extend beyond the borders of the skin
81. A painting spanning 2 different skins
82. Inverted
83. Create colors without using colors
84. The dark depths
85. The underbelly of an extinct whale
86. Create a skin that's like the Stanleys Parable
87. Create an unnatural apple
88. Create the essence around a person
89. Create a persons vibe
90. Create infinity
91. Create nothing
92. Create existence
93. Create peace of mind
94. Create a round golden shape to represent yourself
95. Create your idea of a demon
96. Create a skin of a horrific creature
97. Create the idea of fire
98. Create what your think the word Sholbatung is
99. Create a music sheet that plays a piece of silence
100. Create rhinestone eyes

100 Futuristic Ideas!
Ideas that came from the future?!

Futuristic Ideas!
1. Robotic super-squid!
2. Animatronic zombie!
3. Robotic zombie!
4. Robotic sheep with laser eyes?!
5. The coding ninjas of the future!
6. Black shades in front of the eyes, and a small gun in the pocket. He is, the Tech-Cop!
7. Tech-Ninja's!
8. A cyborg!
9. Chemically enchanced human!
10. Chemically enhanced human, but it went wrong D:
11. A flying car skin!
12. A levitating skin! Afterall this is the future!
13. A skin with fish-bowl glasses!
14. The most wanted hacker in all of New York!
15. The most wanted hacker in all of Moscow!
16. A samurai bodyguard! But it's a robot!
17. A fashion maker from the year 2100!
18. A tech-wear guy!
19. A girl wearing tech-wear!
20. Multiple neon colored hair!
21. Built-in headset!
22. A super-tech jacket with all the gadgets you need!
23. A super soldier with robotic eyes that have Aimbot installed!
24. A robotic cat!
25. A robotic rabbit!
26. The starship landing on Mars, but it's a skin!
27. See-through raincoat with black outline!
28. An "ear-ring" that goes around the entire ear of the character!
29. Pastel blue skirt with a belly-belt, and then a teched-up crop-top!
30. A backpack that is a triangle!
31. A full bodysuit with computer-parts all over it!
32. Create a diamond-glamour wear that has a high-tech glove to keep the paparazi off you
33. Create a future super-star!
34. Create a world star! Someone like Micheal Jackson, but they're wearing tech-stuff!
35. Create a pane of glass that acts as a sun-blocker and as glasses!
36. Create white tech-wear pants with an orange outline!
37. Create a perfect silver choker for your character!
38. Create a full-body suit in a clear orange with black belts swinging down!
39. Create the ultimate baggy pants!
40. Create a dress with a circular hole in the middle, showcasing a techy-shirt!
41. Create a perfectly isolated bowl that you can live inside, and walk around with!
42. Create a future bedwear!
43. Create the ultimate sleeping shoes, with massage built in!
44. Create a juggernaut military suit, from the future!
45. Create a bulletproof vest that uses nano-fibers!
46. Create a yellow super-scarf that can keep you safe from cold and warm weather!
47. Create a futuristic medic suit!
48. Create a street-punk with tech belts!
49. Create a turtleneck hoodie to protect you against the wind!
50. Create a badass leather jacket with a tech-filled neck, and a cool design on the back!
51. Create a top with the shoulders exposed!
52. Create a huge red wind-breaker that can break a polar-wind with ease!
53. Create a tail-jacket with round hollow tails!
54. Create a girl with gray tights that have armored knee-caps!
55. Create a mask that blurs the face from photos!
56. Create the anonymous people!
57. Create a choker with neon lights bursting from it!
58. Create a chainmail dress, made of light weight nano fibers!
59. Create a shirt that can find off a knife with ease!
60. Create a mirror mask!
61. Create a girl with a short, but badass haircut!
62. Create a feather jacket that is the latest fashion in the year 2100!
63. Create a girl with a face tattoo that has tech-implants underneath!
64. Create a clean service dress, with great mobility!
65. Create a dress with the middle part cut out, except for the front, where you can see an armored plate!
66. Create a reflective dress!
67. Create a dress made of carbon-fibers!
68. Create a dress with a clean white outline, and stark black contrast underneath it!
69. Create a funny meme dress with the funny number
70. Create the futuristic jacket of a service robot!
71. Create a dystopian citizen!
72. Create a nuclear war survivor!
73. Create a mutant wearing tech-wear!
74. Create a tube-dress!
75. Create a badass shirt, that has LED's built into it!
76. Create a guy with a super-battery pack on it!
77. Create LED pants?!
78. Create an asymmetric tech-jacket
79. Create a super-tight suit!
80. Create the future street kids!
81. Create a character with clothing from the atomic age, but it actually happened as predicted!
82. Create the futures bride-dress!
83. Create the future husbands suit!
84. Create a futuristic punk band with their instruments on the back!
85. Create a futuristic band-van, But its a skin?!
86. Create a color graded dress going from pastel blue to pastel yellow!
87. Create a glow-in-the-dark long dress!
88. Create a skin using only circle shapes with tiny LED's in the middle!
89. Create an anti-light vest that can hide you in the night!
90. Create a chameleon fighter suit!
91. Create collection of bright coloured skins from the future!
92. Create a raincoat with square holes in it... Very ineffecient raincoat, but it looks cool!
93. Create a jacket that both keeps your warm, and looks cool!
94. Create an egg-dress. Literally a dress shaped as an egg!
95. Create a white dress with a black box making it's way onto it from the side!
96. Create a butterfly dress in neon-colors!
97. Create white cargo-pants with a black stripe through the side and yellow pockets!
98. Create a suit with a pastel reflective color
99. Create a dress with stripes, but the stripes are holes in the dress!
100. Create your future self?! O:

101 Random Ideas!
Ideas for crazy skinners who know no boundaries!

Random Ideas!
1. Jar of pickles!
2. Coins of gold! You're rich!
3. Apple and banana fused together!
4. Girl with a flower in her hair!
5. Crying onion?
6. Big chungus as a skin!
7. A person you saw on the street!
8. A person you found on google!
9. Your neighbour!
10. A penguin!
11. A flower in a pot, in a painting, on a table!
12. A bird with a stone on it's head
13. A bird sitting on a stone!
14. A bird throwing a stone on top of the head of another bird?!!
15. A hunter who captures animals and gives them a belly rub then releases them!
16. A wildlife medic!
17. The unsung heroes of our lives!
18. Your favorite band as a skin!
19. Create Kurt Cobain as a skin! I would use it...
20. Create a spider person!
21. Create a flag, but it's a skin!
22. Create a firefighter! They're awesome!
23. Create a nice police officer! Danish offier maybe... They drink with you if you ask them to :'D
24. Create a home office worker!
25. Create a vaccine with a sword and shield, ready to fight anything!
26. Create a character from your favorite book series!
27. Create your own character, and base it off of the closest food item!
28. Create a coca farmer who is doing well!
29. Create a Tesla worker who is also a professional cook!
30. Create a chicken wearing a Gangsta hat!
31. Create a magic wizard who isnt very smart :'D
32. Create John the flying car!
33. Create a wildfire expert... Who is an expert at starting them?!
34. Create a pyromaniac!
35. Create a pyrotechnician who can make anything go BOOM!
36. Create a creeper that builds instead of destroying :D
37. Create an enderman who is really nice, and loves when you look at them!
38. Create a lore master!
39. Create the most badass cow in all of the wild west!
40. Create a forest expert looking for bugs!
41. Create a Mojang member looking for bugs inside Minecraft!
42. Create a skin that represents the meaning of life!
43. Create a skin that is also a clock?!
44. Create your favorite teacher and show them your awesome skin-creation skills! :D
45. Create a painting inside a painting, INSIDE a painting?!
46. Create a pig wearing a rainbow shirt with the most slick cool-pig glasses EVER! cool pig gang, oink oink!
47. A crazy man who is actually a genius?!
48. A crazy woman who is even smarter?!
49. Create a biology teacher, who is secretly a lizard?!
50. You're a lizard Harry! I'm a what?
51. Main charater from a Bollywood movie!
52. A bad rip-off of your favorite TV show! :'D
53. A candle lighting up the dark!
54. A flying book butterfly!
55. Create a ghost D: i think ghost are spooky
56. Create a banana ice cream with chocklade topping! :D
57. Create an ice-cream man!
58. Create a pancake expert! I want dessert now :(
59. Create a flying sauser, but it's a skin!
60. Create Steve, but he is Extra Buff!
61. Create Alex, but she's a body builder?!
62. Create a character strong enough to chop down a tree with their hand!
63. Create freakin Chuck Norris! The invincible everything man!
64. Create a cool looking motorcycelist!
65. Create a race car driver who is also a genius mathematician!
66. Create a music super star who is actually smart :))
67. Create the leader of a great company!
68. Create the leader of an evil corporation?!
69. Funny number as a skin :)
70. Create a lightbulb that's about to explode!
71. Create an exploded lightbulb!
72. Create a lamp
73. Create a moth
74. Create the moth and the lamp together, getting married?? wat...
75. Create the freakin sun!
76. Plot Twist, the hero you made is now Evil! :0
77. Create an anti-hero!
78. Create a super-evil super-hero!
79. Create a skin that is also a dilemma :o
80. Create a skin that's optimistic of the future!
81. Create a positive skin :D
82. Create a skin that tells a sad story :(
83. Create penguin with an AK-47 on it's back?!
84. Create Cyprezz (The creator of PMC) But he's evil?! D:
85. Recreate a picture that you have in your room as a skin!
86. Create a microphone!
87. Create a new artist using that microphone!
88. Create your room... But it's a skin?!
89. Create a parkour athelete!
90. Create a freerunner!
91. Creating a tricking expert!
92. Create a gymnast who just won gold in the Olympic Games!
93. Create a bully, but he's sweet when you get to know him.
94. Create two people going on a fishing trip together :D
95. Create a shady candy van as a skin! don't get close to it though o:
96. Create a skin that you would see in the year 2500!
97. Create a skin from the year 3000!
98. Create an Egyptian archeolegist!
99. Create a bird sitting on top of a golem!
100. Create a golem sitting on a bird!
101. Create a golem sitting on a bird, sitting on a barrel on a painting! what am I even saying??

Some of the ideas are very similar, if not almost the same, but I did my best to double-check it. If you do find 2 ideas which are the exact same, please point them out in the comments so I can fix it. Thanks

That's it!
You now have 1001 ideas for skins to make!
If you found an idea you liked, and actually made it, I would love to see it! Leave a screenshot of it in the comments if you want :D

Other than that:
Have a great day, and stay safe! :)

CreditDinowcookie, McMeddon, Kaos_Kitten, SouthDakotaGirl, Dinoboy2504, Rogue64

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