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[1/3] We Surrender (Worldbuilding League)

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avatar AkirAssasin
Level 32 : Artisan Ninja
heed our message please we are not alone anymore people are dying please let us go

Begin forwarded message:

From: 128312-38@mail.net

Subject: we surrender stop please our capital is gone

Date: 30th July 2090 at 1607:30

To: worldwidenewspress@mail.net

For us to understand the power of our nation, we must first understand how it gained it's power. Under the supervision of a professor, a research team compared samples from the remains of n (name hidden for privacy) and normal humans. N was found to have a mutated gene that normal humans do not have. Due to this gene, she had a drastically altered aging process. She would age like a normal human until the age of 34, where she theorically will stay young forever.

Results on implanting the gene into test subjects have a 1% chance of succeeding; the rest showed severe side effects. Exactly which year, we do not know, but on that year, the research team decided to share the information the obtained. After all the research had been made public, scientists all over the world began to work on a method to increase the success rate. Death sentences at that time meant that the person would be sent to be used in experimental projects.

Yes, the methods they used were cruel, but with their sacrifice, mankind will be free from suffering.

In an underground research lab, an assorted team of researchers and militants worked overnight. Not for the benefit for mankind. It was for their future, a future they had envisioned. To achieve their goals, though, they had to create a fake solution. In this fake gene, a time bomb had been encoded; the user will stay young, but he will not live long enough to feel the effects.

And at last, the team had succeeded in both perfectly the anti-aging method and it's fatal clone. To the entire world, the fake had been shared, with a price. Eager to obtain the gene, nations all around the world paid for it, but they were paying to die. Presidents around the world had the same goal; to gain an advantage no one else could have.

Higher-ups in the society were given the privilege of agelessness. And the rest, the poor people, must remain powerless. Such is the plan of the leaders. Enacted, but who are the real victims?

On the other hand, with the massive fund they obtained, the futurists started a nation. Never were they this close to their dreams. Every day, they waited until the time runs out.

Finally, the first batches of deaths began to arrive. Of important people behind the scenes. Riches they had given, and this is what they got in return.

Everyone that had the gene implanted in themselves began to panic. Queens and kings searched for a way to remove the gene. Using this chance, the futurist nation slowly took over many nations through empty promises and wealth.

And to ensure that no one else would ursurp them, the original ten leaders took the anti-aging method for themselves. Leaving nothing for the others. In this large new nation, the aging are forced to work with the ageless.

The leaders are like gods. Young and always captivatingly beautiful, yet vicious with a clear mind to act on. While the aging have strength in numbers, they cannot escape illness and death. Even when there are only ten, they will stay in power forever.

For our populace, we plead to the ten. In this new world, we have to admit defeat. Gone, is our little country. Hereby, we surrender to the Ten.

Spoiler alert - click to reveal the secret code

07/15/2016 6:16 pm
Level 76 : Legendary Fox
You have an interesting sinister plot, but why would they surrender?, who is surrendering? Don't old people just retire and not have to work?

If this was real life, the anti aging cure is sun suncreen lol.
07/15/2016 7:45 pm
Level 32 : Artisan Ninja
Ah, seems like I missed some stuff... got to fix dem plot holes. Thanks a lot!
07/15/2016 7:51 pm
Level 76 : Legendary Fox
Glad to help :D
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