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1.3.1 update. [new and cool stuff]


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Level 44 : Master Toast
Hello everyone!!
I just got back on my Computer and remembered the new update has came out!
Sooo... i updated of course.
And was amazed at the new stuff their is:

Their is a couple of new modes you can try out.
Adventure you basically try and survive with out building.
i haven't figured out alot of that yet but looking forward to.

Large Biomes is generating the biomes to a larger size
Just so it can piss you off when your trying to get out of the middle of the jungle!

New Items:
their is a lot of new items added to this update like:
cocoa beans which you find up in jungle trees.
which you can use to make brown wool.

Another awesome item coming to the game or already is in the game is Emeralds!
You Have the emerald ore which is weird. every ore besides the emerald in default are those weird cloud things?!?
but the emerald ore has a different sorta look to it.
The emerald item is a diamond shape that is green so far and yet you can't do anything with it,
The emerald block is also introduced into 1.3.1
Again only thing you Can do with it is decorate and the way you build it is the way you build all the ore blocks but with emerald.

Jungle Temples:
WOW. this is probably my most favorite thing to the update. They are located in jungles and have hidden chests in them. They arn't very large like i expected but still awesome to have them.

Sand pyramids/temples:
These are weird usless things i think.
I don't really know if they are pyramids or temples but i don't really care that much.
Their is nothing inside besides this weird pattern of wool and short halls of darkness.

Book and Quill:
Thanks Notch or Jeb for making these!
What you do is hold the book then right click.
then you can right story's and awesome stuff. it will for sure help with adventure maps.

Trip wires:
To be honest i don't really like these.
When I'm on multilayer servers i tend to grief people i dont like.
and this will help you be not grief-ed, and will suck for you griefers unless you hack like a jackass.
What you use them for is like setting off traps for to fall into lava or be shot by arrows.
You place the trip wires and the trip hook then when you place the wire you barely see it.

New creative inventory:
again something i don't like to the update.
it organizes all the items and blocks in minecraft.
I guess it helps when Mojang keeps adding more crap to the game. O_O

Ender chest:
I have no clue what this does and I've been trying to figure it out for an hour.
all I've figured out is that it look's weird.

Scanning for LAN worlds:
Why Notch WHY!
I hate this to much to talk about it!


When you create a new world and go to "More World Options..."
You Can turn cheats on.
what that allows you to do is to have commands. right now their is only 2 help pages and find those type /help

Typing in Single Player:
I don't see how i will ever use this but i guess if you do a lot of red stoning It would be good to keep track of numbers... And yes Disco_ I'm talking to you.

And now you can also trade with villagers by right clicking.
they don't give you the best deals but I'm fine with that.

Rotating logs:
yes! and no :(
now when you place logs they are like pistons,
what ever angle you put them at thats the angle they are placed.
so yes more moving and less gaming.

And gravel has a new texture. looking pretty snazzy

Thanks guys thats ALL i have for today!!!

Diamond If you want more update blog regards coming from me!

DIamond and sub!

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  • thedotman
  • Level 25
  • Expert Skinner
  • October 28, 2012, 3:56 pm
lol now what about 1.4.2
nah. dont do this anymore xD
  • thedotman
  • Level 25
  • Expert Skinner
  • October 28, 2012, 4:00 pm
oh lol may i do one then please :p
sure u can.
  • thedotman
  • Level 25
  • Expert Skinner
  • October 28, 2012, 4:03 pm
thanks :)
  • Bwana98
  • Level 1
  • New Miner
  • August 2, 2012, 1:53 am
Desert temples are very useful!!!

when you enter you'll see the wool right?

Destroy an orange block (DO NOT DESTROY THE BLUE ONE WHILE STANDING ON IT, YOU WILL SET OFF A TRAP OF TNT AND DIE) when you have destroyed an orange one dig down until you find a small room with 4 chests, get the loot and safely make your way out. WARNING in the room with the 4 chests there is a pressure plate, if you stand on it you WILL die! be careful.

The first time I looted a desert temple I got 7 diamonds!

Good luck, hope I helped.

thanks bro.
With Cocoa Beans, you dye wool to make Brown Wool. And they were mostly always in the game, just in chests located in the "Abandoned Mineshaft"s, the ones with fences and rails. And if you click a NPC's head, you can trade with the for Emeralds. I use it for money on my server though. And the new Creative menu does have a serach bar, so that's a plus :) The Ender Chest is a simple loop. Place 1, put an item in, and walk away. Place another. Open it. There we go! And the typing is for doing commands. type "/help" in the chat and the "/help 2" Very useful. And why do you hate LAN Worlds?
Ya i was going to put all that extra stuff but i couldn't fit it all in!!
And for some reason i don't find the LAN useful!!
please diamond!

i put alot of work into that. :P
let me update it.
Ok. You should put in there also that we can now spawn things, like Single Player Commands, except, without mods :)

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