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(13w39b)The summon command

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Powerminer11 avatar Powerminer11
Level 37 : Artisan Wolf Whisperer
Hello! This is a small and fast tutorial on how to summon mobs in the new snapshot.
Hope it will help you :)

Making a custom named mob.
Making a custom named mob is pretty simple, first type the /summon (mob) command then add:{CustomName:"James"}
Example:/summon Pig ~ ~1 ~ {CustomName:"James"}
The ~ ~1 ~ means that the pig shall spawn 1 block above the commandblock

Making mobs ride eachother.
Example: /summon Pig ~ ~1 ~ {Riding:{id:Creeper}}
Makes a Pig ride a Creeper.
If you want to change the size of a slime you should type:/summon Slime ~ ~1 ~ {Size:7}
To combine the size of a slime and riding you should type /summon Slime ~ ~1 ~{Size:7,Riding:{id:Witch}

Thats all i know, fun things to make with these commands:
/summon LavaSlime ~ ~2 ~ {Size:10,Riding:{id:LavaSlime,Size:9,Riding:{id:LavaSlime,Size:8,Riding:{id:LavaSlime,Size:7,Riding:{id:LavaSlime,Size:6,Riding:{id:LavaSlime,Size:5,Riding:{id:LavaSlime,Size:4,Riding:{id:LavaSlime,Size:3,Riding:{id:LavaSlime,Size:2,Riding:{id:LavaSlime,Size:1,Riding:{id:LavaSlime,Size:0,Riding:{id:Witch}}}}}}}}}}}}
This loooong command makes a witch...with a big HAT ;)

And this could be a cool boss mob:
/summon Ghast ~ ~1 ~ {Riding:{id:"Giant"}}

If someone has posted stuff like this before me, sorry i didn't know.
But i could give some credits to Sethbling, he got me started with this :)

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