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[1.5.2] Zombie Apocalypse Server 24/7

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avatar Callofmygun
Level 36 : Artisan Blockhead
JOIN NOW! IP: mc-apocalypse.net

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Server Information:
We aim to provide a fast paced, No lag, and challenging round based zombie server that will always give the most experienced fighters a run for there money.


Ranks - Full ranking system with prestige, With over 140 ranks to work your way through
Unique rank up to unlock - To get better items in game you must rank up.
Free Inventories - We don't limit you to classes. Your inventory is your class, Freely take items in and out of games buy what you want when you want.
Visual aids - Player and mobs have there health displayed above there heads
Unique maps - Play in map with unlock able areas, traps, hidden eastee eggs and more,
Death recovery - No more waiting for a game to end to re spawn, Simply wait 2 rounds and if there is a player left alive you join back in to the fight.
Boss mobs - Difficult and unique boss mobs spawn to give you a little taste of hell
Safe Progression - Time is always well spent. You will not loose ranks, items, money.....
Dedicated staff - Our staff are always here to help when your in need.
Always updated - We always add new maps and features
24/7 - Our server is on 24/7
No lag - We always aim to provide a smooth quick game play
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