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16x16 Pixel Art 21! - RPG Weapons Series 1! - Golden Dragon Hammer!

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Starwarrior25 avatar Starwarrior25
Level 44 : Master Artist
Texture one of my RPG Weapons series!

A mystical golden hammer in the shape of a dragons head, it bestows the strength of a dragon upon the holder!

If anyone wants to use this texture, please ask before you do so! Also, If you want me to create a texture, leave a comment saying what you want me to make!

Also, If anyone wants to make a mod with this and upcoming RPG themed weapons, please tell me so!

Diamond this if you like it, Favorite it if you love it, and Subscribe for more Pixel Art and more RPG Weapons of AWESOMENESS!

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09/23/2012 5:22 pm
Level 41 : Master Blob
MinecartDrivers avatar
Looks good! You should learn to mod and make these into a mod!
09/23/2012 7:33 pm
Level 44 : Master Artist
Starwarrior25 avatar
Java is not for me. Tried it, but it was a bit to difficult ATM. Might install a mod maker tho!
09/23/2012 4:55 pm
Level 4 : Apprentice Explorer
DaitetsuSoryuen avatar
It looks fine and all, but it needs more shading really.
09/23/2012 7:32 pm
Level 44 : Master Artist
Starwarrior25 avatar
If it was a high res texture I would, but I won't because of this res. It would make it worse I fear.
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