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Exploiting the Subway Station Mechanisms in My World: Part Three

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2016.07/18 Note: The Part 3 tutorial context here works on all 1.8+ ~ 1.10+ Vanilla Minecraft versions with the same methods!

Since the Feb. 23, 2016 Update of my world Republic of FlashTeens, there has been a new automatic minecart alighting mechanism, which is designed in a clickable sign without explicitly using a command block. Once you right-click on the sign, you may leave the minecart immediately as the minecart disappears.

You might ask me a problem. Since any one can get off the minecart by simply pressing the Left Shift key, why do we need the "automatic alighting mechanism" that seems to be not so necessary?

A Scenario

Imagine that you are now sitting onto a minecart, and it has just arrived at your destination. You may press the Left Shift key to get off the minecart, as the following screenshots illustrated:
Exploiting the Subway Station Mechanisms in My World: Part Three Exploiting the Subway Station Mechanisms in My World: Part Three

As you can see, the minecart remains on the rail. To remove the minecart, you have to hit the minecart several times, or you can use a sword to reduce the consuming time. However, if you are playing either Survival or Adventure Mode, you may eventually get an unnecessary drop of the minecart after the removal.

It may be even more troublesome for you if you desire to immediately remove the minecart from your inventory. You might think that a simple solution is pressing the Q key for the disposal. However, imagining that you are in a multiplayer server, garbage of minecart drops may become a serious problem for the next players to be arrived at the station.

A better way for you might be to dispose the minecart into a trash can inside the station, which can be designed in an extremely compact way. Nevertheless, now there is an even easier way for you!

The New Design for Automatic Minecart Alighting Mechanism

The following screenshot demonstrates where the clickable sign can be located:
Exploiting the Subway Station Mechanisms in My World: Part Three

For how to make the minecart dispenser and the minecart stopper, please see on Part 1 for the detail.

By clicking on the sign after you arrive at the station, it's very convenient for you since the following three steps are automatically done at the same time:
  1. Makes you get off the minecart.
  2. Removes the minecart entity from the rail.
  3. Prevents any drops of the minecart from remaining at the station platform.
Therefore, such a scenario as mentioned above won't happen anymore!

How to make it work

To make a clickable sign, the Minecraft Tool website for generating a sign is recommended for you. The following image shows how to produce the command for generating the clickable sign.

Copy the /give command generated in the website and paste into a command block before you trigger the command block, and you get the clickable sign. Then, you may remove the command block because it is no longer necessary.

Next, all you have to do remains one step only: Put the clickable sign around the stopping point of the station platform, that is, you must ensure that the sign is easily accessible after your minecart is stopped by the minecart stopper.

Well done... but why it works?

In the above image, the two commands to be run when clicking to the sign is repeated here:
/kill @e[type=MinecartRideable,c=1,r=3]
/tp @p ~ ~0.5 ~

The "kill" command at the first line removes the nearest minecart, that is, the minecart you are sitting on. To prevent from a misuse of the sign that might remove other minecarts too far from your location, the r=3 selector is added to make sure that it only removes those nearby the stopping point, as the c=1 selector restricts the command to remove one minecart only.

As the minecart disappears immediately, of course the player automatically gets off the minecart.

How about the /tp command at the second line?
Without the /tp command, sometimes the player may sink into the floor, as the following image is illustrated:

So, you may add a /tp command that move the player to one block higher:
/tp @p ~ ~1 ~
However, you may choke into the ceiling when the height between the platform floor and the ceiling is 3-block only.
My solution is to reduce the increment height into a half, that is, to replace the command into:
/tp @p ~ ~0.5 ~
Alternatively, you can increase the height of the ceiling if possible, so that you don't have to replace the command. However, it is still recommended for you to use my solution that changes the increment height if you desire to build a compact subway station platform.

Welcome to reply this post if you wonder how to make other interesting stuffs in my world Republic of FlashTeens!

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04/14/2018 10:23 pm
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/kill @e[type=Minecart,c=1,r=3]

/tp @p ~ ~0.5 ~
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