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1.8 Mods: Can you update?

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Carl177's Avatar Carl177
Level 57 : Grandmaster Elf
With the 1.8 update coming around in just a few days, not very many modders will update their mods. I, myself, am a modder, but with the 1.8 interfering with coding, I may need to totally reprogram parts of my mod. Will everyone do this? No. But I can update yours (maybe). Just give me your mod and I will try when the time comes! The 1.8 update will definitely be affecting: food, mobs, blocks, and probably more. So if you need me to fix yours or want to help me, leave a comment. Thank you and your welcome!

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09/05/2011 5:44 pm
Level 53 : Grandmaster Unicorn
Kyle_Crafty's Avatar
I remember when 1.7 came out, I couldn't figure out how to update my mods for the life of me. So somone was nice enough to do it for me. I would hope I that by then I can figure it out myself D: if not I would appreciate your assistance. My fear though is my mods being stolen.
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