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1.8 Pre-release New World Generator and more!

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Khanz avatar Khanz
Level 25 : Expert Dragonborn
I noticed something interesting while trying the 1.8 pre-release today, the world generator was different. Trees had wines, watery areas were more common and it looked like a swamp biome. I liked it there. I also love the sprinting and new items, like the iron bars and so on. Will be really useful. I also couldn't help but notice the lightning. Torches gave a orangeish light now and vines would grow from trees. There is also a new creative mode feature! And in it, creepers take like 3-5 seconds to blow up... that should help you get it away and you should always be aware.

Anyway, I took a screenshot of the swamp biome and here it is.
Now I know that I will use the boat much more :)
Because of the rivers, swamps and so on.
Can't wait for 1.8. Also, another interesting item I found in creative mode was the Ender Pearl...
I also found a abandoned mine shaft, and the blue venomous spiders look like normal ones, but a bit blue on the legs and so on, you could say they are a bit striped.
There will be stone bricks and stone brick slabs, so those will be nice to have as walls.

Like and/or favorite if you can't wait for 1.8 and love the new features :)

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