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2 Easy Ways to Find Diamonds!

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elephant97 avatar elephant97
Level 27 : Expert Archer
To find diamonds:

Way 1:
When you are in survival mode, simply break two blocks beneath you that are connected across from each other. Step in either sides of the two block hole. once you are on one side of the hole, then dig the opposite block from you, then dig the block that is underneath you. Keep repeating the step- opposite one first then the one underneath you- this prevents of you dying in lava. Once you have found some diamond simply mine it. Then with all the blocks you have collected from going down simply make your way back up by jumping and putting a block underneath you.

Way 2:
When you have made your way down to bedrock, count 12 blocks up it and start to mine in that general area. You may find bedrock or other unwanted material, in this case try it in a different location.

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