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[2017- Onward] A closure for my Minecraft/PMC and skinning experiences.


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Level 30 : Artisan Nerd
Hello everyone, Kamafr here.

To those of you that come to read this out of curiosity, I'll have to apologize this is a post destined myself and for those that I've known over my year at PMC, so it may get a bit strange and confusing. Thanks for understanding.

To you who may've forgotten me, which is I would guess most, hey! It's been a long while. I'm sorry in advance if I tend to ramble on for a while, but I do want to structure this a little bit (especially since I'm writing this on the fly.) so let's do some introductions.
As I've said I'm Kamafr,(Or Kama, Kamel, anything really) and as of May of 2017 I've moved on from Minecraft three years ago, more or less. It feels like an eternity, when i think about it. It's been an incredible ride, and I've learned so very much, especially through the incredible people I've known and admired here on PMC. Here's what I used to do here.
I was inspired to make Minecraft skins, as far as I can remember, by the apparent simplicity of it. it wasn't drawing, nor painting, and it was pretty. For what it was, and still is. I've made friends here, and learned. Not only about art, but about myself and that strange thing called a fanbase. It's here that I exposed through my "art" what I liked, and saw how others grouped up around things they enjoyed together. It's really a great feeling to be part of it.
Way back when, as I escalated the exponential part of the learning curb, I've subconsciously found my love for drawing and designing especially. Since then these have grown to be an integral part of not only my hobbies, but I hope to make it my profession.
As everyone I've known here, including Bubzy, Crystal/Bliss-Light, Oreoval, Disnowball, Tacoman to name a few, have been everything from great friends to fun people to compete with, I'd like to thank them, and the people in charge of PMC for making an environment that boosted my creativity, and pushed me to learn and do things beyond what I imagined I could do.

This being said. Today, as I look back with a nostalgic eye, it still strikes me that what I've made and presented for PMC is by no means as good as what I'm able to do now (which in all honestly, is not that much more.) and reading myself back, as most of us surely do, I cringe. But not too hard. It reminds me of who I was, and shows how I've grown. (Quick side-note; my english has improved a bit, let me tell you.) That's why then, and now, I never shall decide to delete any of the creations I have here. For myself, mostly.

I don't expect people to get anything out of this, It's actually but a self-indulgent moment for me, to bring closure to this place I've been so sparingly visiting in the past couple of years. i doubt I'll ever come back to be as active as I used to be. But don't fret, as I don't expect I'll never post on here in the future either. If only to see for myself what I've learned.
But for now, thanks again everybody that I've followed and have followed me. I'll move on, at the time of writing this being in an Art and Animation program has been an awe inspiring experience, and I'm as excited now to learn as I was a couple years ago.

Carry on doing your best.

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