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2019: what was and what can be...

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avatar Kostenych
Level 20 : Expert Engineer
2 January. After yesterday's celebration of the New Year Kostenych came the idea to talk about all the projects that have been implemented and which may be implemented:
I learned about Minecraft in the summer of 2013, but because of the problem with the Internet, I started playing It only in September of this year. I was mainly interested in transport infrastructure, such as roads and Railways. And in my first game, version 1.0.0, I built a high-speed railway in the flat world, but its functions were limited...
At the end of 2013 I got an Assembly with 1.2.5, where I first met with mods such as Traincraft (formerly Train Mod) and Flans.
In 2014, I came across the notion of how incompatible mods are. And I had to give up this build and go to 1.2.5-1.4.5 builds. But me there it turned out it is no fun and I moved on 1.5.1.
In late 2014 I stumbled on one launcher, which I still remain. It turned out to be 1.8 at first, but I moved to 1.6.2.
There I returned to Traincraft, learned about mods asphalt mod, flenix roads, and learned closer.
In 2015, I learned about the famous map of Karlovy Vary-Johann'stadt from the author from the Czech Republic by the nickname SKSpajdalfSKS. This map inspired me a lot to build a new map. Truely speaking, I am grateful to him for those constructions which are similar to the majority to constructions from my country.
But until March 2015 I had no major projects, so I will keep silent about the screenshots.

2015. Start of existing projects.
My first project was a small town Andreevsk. The beginning was laid on Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.10.5 in March 2015. The project is still under construction and has received a worthy place in my collection of projects. Soon you will see it on PMC but the map will be available only on Bedrock Edition.
Along the way, I created a resource pack that will be combined with the ability to build road infrastructure and leave the originality of the game.At the moment, resource pack works on both platforms, although there are small differences.

September 2016. Welcome to RealTrainMod.
Finally, I decided to work with RealTrainMod, which still has quite tangible drawbacks. Having joined the group of youtuber Metant, I found my application. On September 10, 2016 the first station named Pervaya Sopka was built. The railway was built quite quickly and by December 2016 the railway line of Kudinovsk suburb could be ready. But that didn't happen. The system overload that led to the BSoD and hence to the loss of the card copy. A month later I returned to this map and... he began to rebuild it, as not only the track (1067 mm had to alter to Russian 1520 mm), but the contact network system did not meet the standards. But the process of restructuring was completed after 2 years. In July 2017, the main station of the city was established. And only in October 2018 was made the last station - near it grew birch... Now in my plans is the reconstruction of roads, installation of road signs and traffic lights, and then we can assume that the map will be completely ready.

2018. My first pack for RTM
In General, I had plans to make road signs at the end of 2017, but there were problems: the scripts written by me did not work. And only in April 2018, when I repainted the texture of the tank under KaustNeft, I suddenly came up with the idea: I tried to use the script directly from the mod. And it worked. And for half a month I collected a pack of road signs. But thanks to my assistant Pack got more: in addition to road signs, now in the pack there are traffic lights, road barriers and more...

2019. What are my plans?In my plans now:
-find a way to improve RZD_Structure_Pack, which did not bring more benefit, as I thought;
-put Andreevsk on PMC;
-learn Minecraft Transport Simulator (mod is quite interesting, and my assistant likes to make cars).

-the old town (was built in 2015);

-my failed experiment with signs for Bedrock Edition;

-my freight company

-the last station.

that's all.)

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