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3 Foolproof Ways to Earning Hypixel XP Fast

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CreeperLadMC avatar CreeperLadMC
Level 56 : Grandmaster Slime Tamer
For all I know, Hypixel is REALLY a swell minigame server to invest your time in playing on. Still, there is yet a tiny little "flaw" to the perfect server - the fact that you only receive 2,000 XP per day. This fact makes it ever so HARD to level up, considering that you need something like 30,000 XP to reach a level once you've surpassed level 10. Well, fear not, fellow crafters - below are 3 ways that will ensure you receive as much XP as you desire for in a matter of a couple of days.

1) Questing

Being a recent addition to the server's many features, Hypixel's Quest Master will provide you with many opportunities to earn experience aside from receiving them daily. However, some challenges provided, as you might notice, can be achieved extraordinarily easily with the help of various kit selections, for instance, the Skywars Void Feeder Challenge, which can be achieved with utmost ease with the Snowman Kit. The fastest way to benefit from this fact is to simply rush into a game, complete a specific challenge and then repeating the process by joining a new game. Just by completing the same challenge over and over again, you'll be able to earn up to 20,000 XP in a single day.

2) NPC Hunting

As most of you might know, aside from simply being delicately built, Hypixel's main lobby also conceals treasures and rewards in the form of hidden NPCs. Spread across the entire lobby map, these NPCs provide players with up to 1,500 XP and 2,500 coins for various minigames per NPC when discovered and right-clicked. With up to 32 NPCs hidden across the map, one can earn up to 45,000 XP and 80,000 minigame coins if willing to invest some time in exploring the surroundings.

3) Reward Cards

Well, this really shouldn't come as a surprise, but claiming your daily reward cards every time you log in really helps you level up faster. Seriously - with luck, one can earn up to 10,000 XP per day simply by doing so. You'll also be able to get yourself a whole lot of other generous rewards.

Aside from simply providing you with leveling rewards, one can also receive permanent coin boosters for every 5 levels that one reaches. If this essay was useful to you, don't hesitate to leave a diamond, and consider subscribing for more upcoming material!

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08/09/2016 9:15 am
Level 33 : Artisan Narwhal
WhaleTuba avatar
Also, buy VIP. Being able to fly around the main lobby makes NPC Hunting MUCH easier and allows for a bunch of XP really quickly.
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