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3 Parts of Her Broken Soul (MS S6 Theory)

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avatar NinjaGirl2024
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Hey guys I know I haven't done a theory in a while but seeing MS S6 pt.2 of ep. 15 made me come up with two theories! One is what Michael meant when he said to Aphmau that she found the 3 parts of her broken soul. Alright here are my thoughts and what he meant by that and potential theories in MCD!

Thoughts / Reasons:
  • The three relics represent 3 of the 6 divine warriors that Irene grew close to
  • Shad would be Aaron which makes sense since we see in MCD that he is a descendant of them
  • Zane is Esmund and once again we see in MCD S1 when Aaron kills Zane that he was wielding Esmund's relic
  • Lucinda I think represents Menphia due to the fact that Irene chose 1 girl to be the wielder of a relic and since Lucinda was the one selected to become a relic instead of Katelyn it kinda makes sense
  • Now this could mean that Menphia's relic in MCD could be Lucinda's

Now here are my thoughts / reasons for what Michael thought when he said to 3 parts of Irene's broken soul. Leave comments if you have other thoughts you would like to share with me and I shall give you credit and list what your thoughts were. If this is the first Theory you have seen by me pls go and check out my others! Have a great rest of your day guys!! :)

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Wrong uwu, it's all in a big timeline, the only reason it was them 3 is because they were the strongest.. Garroth and Katelyn had to protect and Kawaii Chan was hurt, they were the only 3 that could give her strength. Nothing to do with the past.
Yet we know for a fact that Shad and Esmund were close to irene herself so I still think that's a possibility! :)
But they aren't Esmund and Shad because they are around a thousand years in the future.
But they are descendants of them we see that in MCD that 3 people were most important to her life Shad, Esmund, and Menphia! So it doesn't matter where in the timeline all 3 exist together just different forms.
How can Aaron be a descendant of Shad hm? Shad never had any kids, he was banished to nether. So why would Aphmau date Aaron in MCD if they would literally have been related. Travis doesn't have any visions as being Enki neither does anyone else than Aphmau. It all matters in the timeline as Irene made them reborn till her powers was weak of age. Why it was spread in different years was because in Irenes dimension a minute is a year. Meaning if she slept 24 hours n all it would have gone generations.
Ok everyone but Irene had descendants and Shad said in S3 when he took Aaron's body that he was his descendant they were destined to cross paths and be together! Also the Irene dimension showed was not the actual dimension if anything it was like the mirror realm in Doctor Strange so that it doesn't effect the outer world it looked similar but wasn't only Shad who is a realm breaker could go there the demon Warlock can not!
No... it's Irene's Dimension, there are no mirror realms like Doctor Strange. if Shad was a realm breaker he would have left to find relics ages before season 3 as he sends out guards instead of going himself. Where is your logic coming from.
Shad had no reason to venture out to the other world till he felt his relic then he had a reason for he needs that to be able to break realms and he doesn't need the other relics he just wants his which he has to kill Alina for it! Look were done talking about this so let's just leave it deal we shall see who is right or wrong in pt.3!
He already tried to get the relics which is why he is in the nether in the first place god damn it XD
Yeah before but then he couldn't leave to get the relics die to having no power and still configuring with the soul that owned the body he tried but didnt they recently due to not having his relic to be able to break through realms and get those relics!!
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  • May 12, 2019, 10:33 am
wow ;3
yeah I know its a lot to think about huh!

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