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4Chan vs Bronies: My Thoughts

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As much as I like MLP I speak on behalf of the "Brony" community.

So as the past few weeks watching the show I looked into the internet fanbase of MLP and I must say i'm annoyed. Now after learning about the "big" war against 4chan and bronies I think i'm safe to say the bronies over reacted against 4Chan "banning" any thing pony related. 4Chan thought that the internet fanbase of MLP was "the cancer of the internet" which I would agree on some points because well lets look at the facts here: 4Chan was annoyed by ponies because it was pony this pony that which can be annoying and that's what made me hate bronies because they would always pick a fight. I think i'm gonna get a TON of hate for this but bronies never think "okay look 4Chan is annoyed MAYBE we can cut the pony talk to a minimum here folks" they think "oh they hate the show and banning us from using anything pony related?! Lets go to war"! well lets think of it this way, lets say you made a normal blogging website and 5 days later there were ponies spammed on it. Wouldn't you be a little annoyed by it? Well that's what 4Chan did and I don't blame them it was a reasonable thing to do at the time and well they made a WHOLE section for bronies on there which is a better thing and fair for everyone. Well since this happend 2 years ago no one cares about this sooo carry on! :D
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