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5 Gameplay Features You May Have Missed In Minecraft Bedrock Edition

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With the release of Minecraft 1.18 the Caves & Cliffs update, many people have started to play this wonderful game with their friends once again. Good old mining and crafting but with a completely overhauled world generation. Playing Minecraft with friends is so fun. Especially in the Bedrock Edition of the game. With the addition of community-created content in the Marketplace, you can have an entirely different experience with your friends across all platforms! Well, this article is not about telling you which version of Minecraft is better, but if you are enjoying Minecraft Bedrock Edition with others or even just for yourself, you've come to the right place. Here is how these 5 Bedrock edition exclusive gameplay features can change your Minecraft experience drastically.
Wool Recoloring

1. Re-dying colored wools and beds

One of the first objectives of a new survival world is to find wools to craft a bed and skip the night. But sometimes, for example, you are stuck with two blocks of white wool and a block of gray wool, and you can’t find any normal sheep. The good thing is you can use flowers around to craft dyes, then re-dye the wool you gathered to a color you want! No need to worry about staying awake to fight with monsters on the first night.
Tipped Arrows

2. Crafting tipped arrows!

You’ve heard it right. Those arrows, which require a bottle of dragon’s breath to craft in Java Edition, can be easily obtained by using a cauldron in Bedrock Edition! Since you can store your poisons in cauldrons (Also you can dye water in the cauldron), It’s possible to make a whole stack of tipped arrows when the cauldron is filled with 3 potions of your choice.
Wither Boss in Minecraft

3. Wither boss is x10 harder to defeat!

Why 10 times harder you may ask? Here is why: The Wither’s health is 3 times more than Java (300 hp instead of 100). In Bedrock Edition, the Wither has dash attacks towards its enemies. If it can’t find its targets, it’s just going to shoot wither skulls in random directions. Not to mention it is guaranteed to fire a blue skull (which has x4 stronger blast) after every 3 normal black skulls. After lowering down its health to half, a huge explosion occurs and 3-4 Wither Skeletons will be summoned. The most insane fact is whenever the Wither spawns, the sky turns gray and, its light level drops to 11, effectively preventing hostile mobs (like zombies, skeletons, etc.) from burning in the sunlight!
Tile Entities

4. Tile Entities

I know this might sound complicated. But basically, every block which stores some information about other things (for example, chest stores data of items inside it) is not movable by the piston or sticky piston in Java Edition. However, in Bedrock Edition, you can use pistons to move chests, furnaces, Shulker boxes, etc. The full list is available here.

5. Fast block-placing methods and bridging

Sometimes, it's hard to make a bridge in Minecraft, especially in stressful situations (like when your portal in the Nether is floating above a lava lake). Well, in the Bedrock Edition, the block-placing methods are easier and far more consistent! For instance: the placing time is the same as walking speed (or even when you sprint and fly in creative mode!). You don’t need to crouch and put yourself on the ledge of the block to make a bridge. Just click on the direction you want to place that block then it’ll be automatically placed in front! There are more useful techniques (like making pillars while looking down) that I can’t cover all of them here, but I highly recommend watching this video uploaded by Silentwisperer about this feature on Bedrock platforms and how to use it more efficiently.

The Bedrock Edition of Minecraft has a ton of other features that makes it different from Java Edition. I found it more fun when playing with friends. I hope you enjoy this version of Minecraft more than ever and use these features to the fullest potential.

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