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5 Minecraft Mysteries We Still Don't Understand

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avatar TheSilentWind
Level 46 : Master Enderdragon
1. Why Do Villagers Like Emeralds?
Some theories suggest that villagers are secretly up to something, others say they have invented a use for those emeralds in which no players would know about. One other theory, some says, it's that the eye color of the villager has something to do with the emeralds. Since they're both green, and maybe they have used them to secretly make things change that a player doesn't know how the ability works.

2. Why Do Skeletons Burn in the Sunlight?
Skeletons, a mob that uses a bow, and made of bones, should not burn in the Sunlight. Since bones normally don't burn in the sun. One thing we don't understand is why they would burn in the sunlight, but when you leave bones on the ground, they don't burn in the sunlight. Some theories suggest that Skeletons has a history of doing certain things that have made them burn in the sunlight, another theory suggests that they burn because they were given a potion by the witches, or was put on a curse for doing something unforgivable.

3. Why Does Ghasts Always Cry?
Some people say that Ghasts cry because they're depressed. But why are they depressed? We still don't understand how it happened and why they cry. Some have come up with theories saying that Ghasts are depressed since they get tortured or bullied in the Nether, or they are sad because they were trapped in the nether for no reason. But there is no physical evidence why a Ghast is truly depressed.

4. Why Do Creative Mode have the Power to Fly Without Wings?
Creative mode has been released into Minecraft for a long time now, and players were capable of flying when they're in Creative Mode. But why does creative mode let you fly? Especially without wings or anything? Some suggest powers that Creative Mode is a special force that holds you up, like how gravity pulls you down, but in Creative Mode, there is a special force that goes against gravity, but gravity is also going against the force. So this makes them balanced. Perhaps that's why, you can fly, but wouldn't fly when you choose not to, since perhaps you have this force Creative Mode gives you when you want to fly, but when you don't, Creative Mode takes the force away. But there are no physical evidence proving any of this to be true, why we can fly in Creative Mode, we still don't know.

5. Why Ambience (Cave Noises) Exist?
In a dark cave, or inside a dark room, Ambience plays as it creeps you out. Such as Ringing sounds, Train Whistles, Orchestra, and some other weird sounds we don't know about. No one knows why or how these sounds exactly plays, especially in singleplayer when no one is in the game but you, who's the one behind all of these sounds? Some theories suggest that the villagers are behind these things. They could have been playing these sounds, driving trains, and even more incredible things that a minecraft player wouldn't know about. But however, no physical evidence was shown why these sounds play so mysteriously.
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07/20/2016 9:38 am
Level 7 : Apprentice Artist
Actually, no offense, Fact #5 is flawed. The noises mean that there is a cave nearby. =P

Still, the noises don't make any sense. lol
07/20/2016 7:22 pm
Level 46 : Master Enderdragon
lol no it doesnt. It can play anywhere.
07/19/2016 10:25 pm
Level 51 : Grandmaster Slime Tamer
Fact #5 is neat...
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