500 Twitter Followers!!!

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Level 39 : Artisan Miner
What’s going down, my Master Miners...

The General has just struck an amazing 500 Followers in Twitter!!!

A HUGE thanks goes to “crafter89” @kingcrafter890 for being my 500th @twitter follower!! Please go show them some live s follow their account too..,

Please help me get to 1K Followers by following me on Twitter and sharing it. You can find me at @MineMasterGen

Thank you all for your outstanding support of MMG! I promise always to deliver nothing but the best @Minecraft content, videos, and latest news, and information. Be kind to each other, and support the Community. Let's remember to take care of one another and our community. Until next time, Miners...

Keep It Sharp! ⛏


(Joshua 24:15)

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