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50th Film Festival, NYC - Meeting Ridgedog and KupoKupo

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Hey guys! RM_Epic here. I just got home from the 50th Film Festival in New York City. While at the festival, I went to the "Modding Minecraft" panel which was NOT about modding at all. You may have heard of the panel from the Mojang website. Since New York City is about three towns away from my location and that my education would get in the way of most gaming conventions, I think that this would be a perfect start. The panel was "commentated" by RIdgedog, KupoKupo, (Both from The Voxel Box, like me,) and the author of a book. I'm not too sure about the book's title. So.. now that you know the basic information, let's hop to it!

The Pre-Panel

While I was waiting for them to let us take seats, I bumped into Kupo, Ridge, Ridge's wife, and Butters, a long time member of The Voxel Box. I introduced myself and we talked about the server. They asked when I was greylisted, (let onto The Voxel Box Server, their term for whitelisting,) and I said I was greylisted last month.

The Panel

The panel was one of the best iv'e ever been to. (Partly because ridge and kupo were presenting it) They talked about how video games were dancing really close to the line of reality and how Hollywood is considering using them now that it's more popular. They also talked about Minecraft, the core mechanics, and my favorite, The Voxel Box server. They presented "Pastry Pirates," a map by KupoKupo and Featherblade and they showed a slideshow of amazing builds on The Voxel Box.


After the Panel ended, we met up with Kupo and Ridge at the fountain in Lincoln Center, just right outside of the film festival. They answered questions and signed stuff. I got my ticket signed by both Kupo and Ridge! I took pictures with Ridge and Kupo near the fountain. After that, I hopped on the 5:01 train to get home.

My thoughts about the event itself.

The event was very put together and was an enjoyable experience. It was even better because there weren't many people. There was about 15 people there. The less people there are, the more questions you can get answered. I strongly recommend coming to this event if The Voxel Box is ever back here if you want to have a nice and quiet time with very famous builders. That's all I have to say about the event! See ya!


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11/19/2012 7:32 pm
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Totally jealous!

Lucky you, sounds like great fun :)
11/19/2012 7:39 pm
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Thanks! I also noticed I had a few spelling errors I had to correct.