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Welcome, voidlings, to a much more serious post than usual.
Let's get straight to the point. This is a post regarding the developer team 57Digital and their handling of their app, MSS, or Minecraft Skin Studio. Some of you may have heard these names before, but for those who have not, let me clarify.
57Digital: Once a small team of developers that made Minecraft fan apps. Now a small team of devs that make money off of Marketplace and poor development of their app,
MSS: Or Minecraft Skin Studio. This is one of those specifically designed to cater to Minecraft skinners. And it did its job well...for a while.
Recently the quality of the app has begun to decline steadily. It started with the small removal of dislikes. Not a big deal, right? Right. Well it got worse with the implementation of a chat filter. One was already in place, it just wasn't effective. This one was much better. Now at this point, we haven't reached the negatives, only what inspired them to keep going. The app had a fairly large community of distinguished skinners, who all reacted positively to the changes, so 57Digital decided to keep going. Slow chat was implemented. This is hard to explain without an example,so allow me to give one. If you were to post a comment on this, and I were to reply to it, you could not reply to my reply, or comment at all on this post, before 30 minutes, or half an hour, had passed.
Do you see the problem here?
People were upset, yes, but apparently not enough for 57Digital to fix it. So they kept going. Soon, the filter was censoring words like "god," or even anything with "trans" in it. Now at this point the community was dying. Many had left, and I was the only person left over from 2015, the person that had been here the longest on MSS. Now, in the past two days, things have majorly worsened. These two updates were the last straw. The first was the name changes. Any copyrighted character has now been changed in the skin title to something different. For example, Yoshi is now Dino. Spider man is now Web man. You get the point.
This morning, comments were removed.
The feature is still there, but if you try to comment, one user said they were threatened with account suspension. The only way to communicate, which is what most people stuck around for, is now limited to skin spam. I made 3 seperate posts about this, calling them out for this and their past mistakes, and all were hidden. Other users made posts about this as well, but were less specific and had less detail, so the mods left them up.
Let me clarify.
I basically summarized all the mistakes that 57Digital made while developing the app, and suggested that some of the community move to a competitor, Skinseed. The third was just a more detailed look at the removal of comments and what was wrong with that, barely more than the average skin, plus calling them out on hiding skins.
All three were censored.
You see the problem here?
Since I could not state the problems there, I came to here and the Minecraft Amino.
Please, any advice would be appreciated.

I will not be slienced, 57Digital.

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