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5th piece of my story plz comment

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avatar Wereyoi
Level 28 : Expert Dragon
Splendor then realized that Derrick couldn't take a deep breath. So he let go letting Derrick take a deep breath. When Derrick took a minuet catch his breath he looked up at Splendor telling Halt who was sipping a small mug of black coffee what just happened when Splendor was done Halt spewed coffee all over Splendor while cracking up. Splendor stormed off with coffee all over his fur trimmed leather padded jacket. After Splendor stormed away Derrick went over and greeted Halt with a smile. Halt said they were going to get a new squad leader his name was Rotgar. Derrick asked when they were going to get their dragons back Halt said after the rescue of Rose. Derrick nodded and went back to his room and put on his leather and iron makeshift armor. Derrick prepared for another mission requiring brute strength and catlike stealth. Derrick went down stairs to find Splendor greeting their new squad leader. Rotgar looked like a man that went to hell and back while riding a demon trying to kill it. Rotgar looked at Derrick with a tilt of his head and a giant sword getting smashed into the floor boards. The inn keeper looked at Rotgar like he was looking at a demon. Rotgar returned that look with a turn of his head and a dagger into the rag the inn keeper was using to wipe a table. The inn keeper then ran into the kitchen and just hid there. Rotgar explained where Rose had been taken while retrieving his dagger. Derrick and Splendor both climbed onto their horses they both asked where Rotgaro s horse was Rotgar made a shake of his head and unfolded two huge dragon wings. The rangers eyes got wide with amazement. Rotgar flew up into the air then back down in a nose dive a top speed then flew up really quick hovering right above the ground. Rotgar then flew west and Derrick and Splendor followed him. Derrick started to nod off before blinking him self awake. After about an hour the trio of soldiers reached their destination. An orc garrison at the Pits of the Dead. The soldiers scouted the perimeters of the old broken down fort and took out the guards that patrolled the battlements. They met up behind a rock and planned out their attack. Derrick was to sneak up behind and take out the prison guard. Then rescue Rose, while Splendor crashed the party at the front gate going all out on every for that dare might come his way. While Rotgar flew up and took out the tower that was inhabited by orc leaders and generals. Once Derrick got Rose out of the fort he would give her cover and head back into the fray. So as in the plan Derrick was up first. Sneaking around the front gate then looking for the small trap door Rotgar had described. Once he found it he dropped down into a tunnel. He heard screams and the sound of lightning magic. Derrick ran down the tunnel as fast as his legs could carry him. He stopped at a turn and hid behind a corner looking past it he saw a torture room. Derrick regretted seeing the blood soaked cages and traps. So Derrick raced and cut down to of the guards with ease. Then took out the torturers from afar with his bow. Derrick walked down the hallway into the torture room the see several prisoners scream for him not to hurt them. Derrick released all the other prisoners and looked for Rose. He found her in a cage looking a bit worse for the wear. He hoisted her on his shoulders and ran out the door into the back court yard. He ducked behind a bush before a sentry noticed him. He then shot up a flare too signal Splendor. After a few minuets he heard a huge crashing noise and a swooping noise. o Everyone in place.o Derrick thought. He hoisted Rose and ran off into the fray and back out the splintered wooden door. Derrick laid Rose down resting against a boulder. Then before running back into the fray he heard Rose call for him. Derrick turned around and went back to Rose. She looked at him the kissed him and said he should go join the fight. Derrick just stood there in a daze. She said the command more forcefully this time and he snapped out of the daze and ran back to the fight. Derrick saw that Splendor had already cleared out everyone in the courtyard. Then Rotgar burst through the door to the tower with a blood covered sword. o Hey Derrick why are you daydreaming? Also I cleared out every orc in that tower. Oh yeah and Derrick I can read your mind and tone it down.o Said Rotgar. Derrick lead them outside to the place he laid Rose down. When they got there Rose was just about to nod off. Derrick hoisted her on to his horse and got on it himself. After the five hour trip back to the Men of the Westo s territory. Then they climbed the Cliffs of the Glorious to set up camp when they got to the top. Derrick noticed something troubling Rotgar he asked what was wrong but Rotgar didno t reply. After they set up camp they slept until day. Once dawn broke they set off toward the castle. The knights greeted them with a slight nod before lowering the gate to the castle. They trekked up the hill and reached the castle. Once they saw the monarch the castle guards stopped them before they could enter the Grand Hall. The monarch said for the guards to let them in. The guards retracted the battle axes and looked at them angrily. The monarch sighed in depression. He called for Rotgar to come into the
Battle planning room. Rotgar followed. The group of rangers just stood and looked around Splendor started to sink into the monarch's throne. Then the second Splendor sank fully into the chair. The guards pointed their swords at him splendor got back up. Rose and Derrick were standing side by side waiting. A couple minuets passed and the monarch came out. Derrick anticipated the news because he thought they were going to meet his dragon again. The monarch said they were going to get put into the first division soldier platoon. They seethed with anger at the news. They would watch the cavaliers fly over and give the signal for them to move, not for the group of friends giving the signal. Derrick was outfitted in scaled armor and an iron helmet. While Rose was outfitted in leather armor and a quiver with a long yew bow. Splendor was covered from head to toe in steel plate armor. He also had a blue torn cape slung over his right shoulder attached by a golden disk. When they set off with the rest of the platoon they found a disturbing sit to see. Several men were posted on stakes and decapitated. They soon reached the rendezvous point. When the army saw the size of the orcs that stood before them waiting on the soon to be battlefield they shivered with fear. Two commanders shouted words of encouragement to their men. Other soldiers prayed to their various gods of their races. Then they got ready and ran toward the orcs. The initial shock of running into iron shields at full speed is not a pleasant one. Then have the archers take out the front lines of the orc battalions was a relief. So the fighters like Splendor got the fun taken out of their jobs, when the archers shot the orc commanders in the front lines, they were about to kill the sniffling o tougho orc cowards. Derrick was just fine with the more heavily armored orcs being taken down. Then they rest of the army set off in single combat with different soldiers in the orc brigades. Derrick himself was taking orc soldier as they came at him. When several other orcs stepped up to kill him. Derrick gored one of the orcs with his sword then, when one of the other orcs tried to take him down the spun around cutting them in the stomachs. As the last orc came toward him, he stabbed it and let the body drop to the hard, dry, moist less desert ground. Derrick cut down several other orcs as he raced toward the captains at the back of the expanses of orc soldiers before them. When Derrick got o in rangeo with his bow. He cut some orcs down then laced an arrow with poison and shot it at the orc captains chest immediately puncturing his leather and iron armor. The orcs then went into a frenzy. Without orders from their leaders they didno t know what to do. So the human soldiers just killed them all as the orcs tried desperately to regain order with in their ranks. When all the orcs and the left side on the battle field were slaughtered. Then the human soldiers took a minuet to catch their breath. Then they let a barrage of arrows take the left side of the middle brigade down. So when they armies connected it would be easier to cut through the rest of the orcs. Derrick went around the sides of the armies to the back so he had clear shots at both of the captains. When the first captain fell the middle brigade of orcs went in a crazy killing frenzy. Then when the right sides captain fell the orcs just continued fighting until the all died. When only a small three squad orcs were left the humans used their mages to put them into a shock (literally a shock) so in the end the orcs that were left were nothing but a pile of ash. Derrick sat down on a rock and put down his sword. Catching his breath. Splendor walked up to him with a smile on his face. Derrick raised an eye brow in question. Splendor replied that the orcs were apparently scattering from his great sword. Derrick smiled too. The Rose walked up with a normal expression on her face (like always). When she saw the two warriors covered in blood smiling she cracked up. Then Rose sat down with them. Then out of the blue they saw Halt and Rotgar. Derrick called out to them all they did was turn around smile and turn back around to the small wooden table with a war map on it. When they relax even more a young soldier walked up (about his teens) o Mental picture.o He said then made a drawing motion on his forehead. The rest of them smiled for the imaginary portrait. Once he was gone Splendor just fell on the ground asleep.Rose laughed then did the same thing. Derrick just looked at his friends smiled then everything went black. Derrick woke up next to his friends.
When he looked around he saw that they were in a human war tent. Rose was still knocked out and Splendor was on his bed roll writing something down on a piece of paper. Derrick got up out of his top bunk. When he got out of the tent he saw a huge expanse of tents. All blood red just like his. Up on a big rocky out crop on a hill he saw a make shift wooden tower. He heard sounds of training dummies getting pummeled by wooden swords. Then in the distance getting louder as the echoing sound of leathery wings beating hard against a body. Then he heard battle cryo s as call to arms echoed through out the camp. Derrick battle instinct flashed to life. He ran back into his tent o Splendor get up! Something is attacking the camp!o Derrick said. Splendor got up grabbed his swords and lance. Then they both ran out to a red glow near the wooden tower. Leaving Rose behind in the tent. Splendor ran along side Derrick. When they neared the wooden tower they saw the lava dragon again! Derrick ran passed charred corpses of fellow soldiers. He saw archers hiding behind boulders shooting enchanted arrows at the dragon. He hide behind a boulder Splendor raced in crouching right next to Derrick. Then Derrick heard a screeching sound as a powerful blast of wind knocked him back. He realized it was Rotgar. When he looked over the boulder he saw Rotgar hovering in mid air on his wings blasting glacier like cold chunks of ice at the dragon. He looked back and saw Splendor running towards the tower. Derrick ran out into the middle of the battle field and cast a force spell which made everything near him (including in the sky) reel back. Splendor then reached the top of the wooden tower. He jumped off then let off as many arrows as he could into the dragon before landing safely on a balcony. Then about ten archers ran up beside him and laid down arrows into the sky. Derrick then felt a rage inside him he had never felt before. He then jump into the air and felt some kind of flying sensation. He looked at his body it was a regular body but then he heard it. Wings! Then Derrick woke up covered in sweat. Splendor looked at him then went back to sleep. Derrick got up he was still in a war tent though. Derrick jumped off the top bunk and got change into his dry clothes. He walked around in the camp. Several guards walked passed him with light armor. Then he went back into the tent and passed out on the floor. When he woke up Rose was asleep and Splendor was out side the tent using the grindstone to temper his weapon. Derrick walked outside into the morning light. Splendor looked around then greeted Derrick. Derrick greeted him back and turned toward the hill. He saw the weathered down fort on top of the hill. He heard soldiers running toward the fort for directions from the Legate. He heard a call for him. Derrick turned around to see a courier running toward him to tell him to get ready to move out. Splendor was now at the black smiths table working on his armor and even engraving symbols on it with an embalming tool. Derrick saw that Rose was now awake and sitting at the tento s table. Derrick said that they had to move out.Splendor finished the symbol on his armor and got ready. Rose got up stretched and ran out of the tent. Derrick ran out after and Splendor followed. They assembled within their ranks. Splendor at the front of Derrick battalion. Rose was behind of Derricks battalion. They started to march. About a day later they dawned upon the orc fallback camp. It was really small with about half a brigade in it. The archers climbed in the dead trees and shot a wave of arrows into the camp kill hundreds of orc instantly. Derrick and his Battalion was leading the charge. When they hit the unprepared orc it devastated them. Derrick jumped on one of the orcs landing on his knee stabbing the orc in the heart. Then he ran cutting down orcs as he ran. He reached the captains tent. Derrick cut down the ropes that were holding up the flap. Then he ran inside the tent killing the guards and all the generals that were left. Once they completely devastated the camp they destroyed the camp by torching it Derrick sat down on a wood chopping block. Splendor found Derrick and sat down next to him shaking the dirt off his armor. Rose was speaking to her commander then she jogged over to them sitting on top of a blacksmitho s bench. About an hour later a courier ran up to Derrick telling them to get ready to prepare to capture and kill the Florians conclusively. Derrick was getting ready when he realized that he hanso t seen his dragon in a while. Then he heard three roars. Derrick ran out to see Roseo s, Splendoro s, and Derricko s dragons flying toward the camp. Derrick ran up to his dragon mounting on his dragon again in a long time. He kicked his heels back softly letting his dragon know he was ready to fly. He then saw Rose and Splendor do the same. When he reached a high altitude he started to hover. Splendor join him while Rose raced around above the camp. They heard another set of leathery wings flying toward them. They saw Rotgar fly up to them. Rotgar then said that they had to move out now. They flew past the camp to see soldiers run after in envy. Derrick smiled and flew toward their objective. Half an hour later They reached the attack point they saw a spiral cloud hovering over a pointed tower. When they shot flames (and with Rotgar sonic booms) at the tower. The tower crumble then rebuilt itself so they tried a melee attack but right before they right the tower they were knock out of the air! Derrick sight just went black after that happened. He woke up being carried on a stretcher by two soldiers he sat up and rubbed his neck asking whee his dragon was. They replied by saying in the sky. Derrick saw Rose and Splendor in a medic camp ahead of him. When they set the stretcher down Derrick got up limped over toward the sword rack took one and started toward the battle field. Splendor stopped him before he could. Rose was getting her arm patched up with gauss. Derrick shook off Splendoro s grip and raced off into the fight the Florians were suffering casualties but only from falling derbies. The Men of the West were taking casualties but less than the Florians. Occasionally there was a lightning bolt obliterating a soldier. Nothing really bad though. Derrick then went through the soldiers back lines stopping to sometimes help a soldier occupying a catapult. Then once he reach the middle lines he heard something roar above him. He saw a dragon come flying by as it destroyed the Florians tower. When he got up from the tremor he saw that the tower was gone. Derrick then found that his squad had been trapped under the debris after he cleared the debris he saw nothing of his squad. Derrick then walked off in search of a new partner.


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01/20/2012 10:46 pm
Level 28 : Expert Dragon
Listen to Arrival to Earth by Steve Joblonsky :)
01/19/2012 9:21 pm
Level 31 : Artisan Zombie
I advise that you put these storys in different blogs so its easier to read good job though
04/13/2012 4:55 am
Level 28 : Expert Dragon
Hey man thanks i need people like you giving me comments.
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