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6 Things you probably didn't know about Minecraft

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avatar tjHanson21
Level 25 : Expert Engineer
Hey Guys! I'm here to tell you some interesting things about Minecraft that might surprise you. I know that some of you might already know about some of these topics, so don't go criticizing it if your unsatisfied with one idea. You might just learn something else! I'll be enlightening 6 topics right here, with screen shots for (almost) each fact. Enjoy!

(I'm still working on adding some pictures for this, but I hope they'll be up soon enough!)

1. When you put a 2-block height over Ice, with Trapdoors on it, and sprint jump, you get a SUPER fast speed boost the longer the path is.

2. Putting Soul Sand over Ice makes you go EXTREMELY Slow

3. The typical items you use to burn in a furnace consists of Wood, Wooden Planks, Coal, Charcoal, and Lava Buckets. But you can also use Chests, Trapdoors, Wooden Pressure Plates, Crafting Tables, All the Saplings, Fences, Fence Gates, Sticks, Bookcases, Noteblocks, Jukeboxes, and Blaze Rods!

4. Sugar Cane grows faster on Sand than it does on Dirt and/or Grass blocks.

5. Slimes can't swim (a little weird, but it could be used for some type of trap).

6. Many transparent blocks can be placed over chests where they'll still able to be opened. Ex. Fences, Ice, Stairs, Ladders, Trapdoors, Glowstone, TNT, Glass, Glass Panes, Cobwebs, Levers, Extended Pistons (Sticky and Normal), Half Slabs, Iron Bars, Cake, Vines, The Ender Dragon Egg, Cauldrons, Brewing Stands, Beds, and probably many more

Thank you, please diamond and check some of my other work!

07/24/2012 4:51 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Wow! Nice Work!
07/19/2012 6:52 pm
Level 52 : Grandmaster Baconator
Some of this I actually didn't know. Great job.
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