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6 ways to prevent lag on a Bukkit server

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Hey guys! I have noticed a BUNCH of laggy servers. So laggy that what you type in chat appears after 30 seconds. I would like to prevent that. Ok, here we go.

#1- Essential's /stoplag

Essentials has a helpful command that stops all entities, doesn't let mobs spawn, and kills all entities. The only bad part about that is that it kills unhostile mobs too, meaning the animal farms get reset. Other than that, it's great.

#2- StopThatLag

StopThatLag is another very helpful plugin. If you do /stl, it does everything Essential's StopLag does, but you can configure what it removes. 

#3- Delete a world with Multiverse

Do you have any worlds you don't need, or can reset? I recommend deleting those extras with Multiverse. The commands are /mvdelete (exact world name). Then after that, you have 10 seconds to type /mvconfirm.

#4- Restarting the server

This one is most common. If you restart the server every so often, it will increase your TPS by a lot!

#5- Get the newest Craftbukkit

Download the newest version of your server, whether it be Spigot or Sponge or anything else.

#6- Delete a few plugins

Some plugins use a lot of resources, and you can remove them if they are not needed. 

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Keep bringing us great stuff! Diamonded and subscribed!
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Thanks :D
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Haha nice picture.
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