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64 facts about Minecraft!

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1) The first version of Minecraft (known as Cave Game at the time) was created in six days. Six. 10 May 2009 to 16 May 2009. Then Notch and his team declared the game 'finished' for 2 years. After those two years they started updating Minecraft.

2) Minecraft was created by Swedish designer and programmer Markus Persson (known as "Notch" by fans). He wanted Minecraft to allow
exploration of the virtual world that was free and organic, for his new company, Mojang AB.

3) The full version of Minecraft was completed on 18 November 2011, after which it was first released and made known to the world.

4) What is known as Minecraft was originally called Cave Game, then Minecraft: Order of the Stone, before simply Minecraft.

5) The sounds that Ghasts make comes from a sleeping cat. Namely, Minecraft's music producer Daniel 'C418' Rosenfeld's cat, who was accidentally recorded waking from sleep.

6) Minecraft was inspired by other known computer games, such as Dungeon Keeper, RollerCoaster Tycoon, Infiniminer and Dwarf Fortress.

7) A creeper was initially supposed to be a pig. Persson switched the height and length of a creeper by mistake when inputting the code.

8) The original Enderman had green eyes. The mobs from the land of Ender now have purple eyes and, still, only attack when aggravated by a player.

9) The crafting table in Minecraft, where players create a number of items and blocks, was formerly called workbench.

10) There was once going to be a Sky Dimension in Minecraft, in addition to the others: The End, Far Lands, Overworld, Void, Outer End and The Nether. Before the idea was scrapped, it was going to be the opposite of The Nether.

11) Once in every 10,000 times you play Minecraft, the menu at the start will flash a misspelling of its name - you'll see "Minceraft" instead of "Minecraft".

12) 1 block is 1 cubic metre (the size of a cube that is 1 metre long, 1 metre wide and 1 metre high).

13) Persson's avatar in the game is the only one who drops an apple when he dies.

14) Creepers are afraid of ocelots (wild cat mobs which are passive, but attack chickens in Minecraft).

15) Markus Persson, owner and creator of Minecraft tweeted if 'any outside companies are interested in Mojang Studios'. 3 months later Microsoft purchased Mojang for 2.5 billion dollars (1.9 billion pounds) in 2014.

16) Normally, the hostile zombie mobs burn during the day. The exception to this is if they are in a cobweb - a type of block which slows down movement.

17) Many think Minecraft is infinite, and that players can keep venturing further and further out in their world. However, if a player does so, they will eventually arrive at the "World Boundary", where they won't be able to go any further.

18) The World Boundary has several layers to block players from getting past. After getting past the first two layers, the game will crash.

19) Around 126 million people people play Minecraft every month.

20) Over 200 million copies of Minecraft have been sold worldwide.

21) Minecraft is compulsory education for 13-year-olds at Viktor Rydberg secondary school in Stockholm, Sweden. This is said to be because it helps to teach city planning, planning for the future, and environmental issues.

22) The Enderman language is the English language backwards, and sometimes just at a lower pitch. Yep, it was English all along.

23) A scale replica of the entire country of Denmark has been created in Minecraft. This was done by Simon Kokkendorf and Thorbjorn Nielsen of the Danish Geodata Agency.

24) The Rarest item in Minecraft is the Dragon Egg. It will only appear when the Ender Dragon has been defeated, at which point, the Dragon Egg will appear on the exit portal. If there aren't any air blocks to teleport into, the egg may be mined.

25) The diamond ore block, emerald ore block and pink wool block are among the rarest to mine in the game, like (but after) the Dragon Egg.

26) A fishing rod can be used to hook more than just fish! It can hook treasure, mobs and even other players.

27) One day in Minecraft is 20 minutes in real-time.

28) A good way for a player to block out hostile mobs is to build a fence around their farm, as they can't climb over fences.

29) If a player needs easy access to their farm that has a fence around it, they can lay a carpet on top of it! They'll be able to climb over but the mobs won't.

30) There are six types of mob: the utility mob, boss mob, hostile mob, neutral mob, tamable mob, and the passive mob.

31) Not all mobs are harmful. Utility mobs were created to protect villagers and players in the game from the hostile mobs. The Iron Golem and Snow Golem are examples of utility mobs.

32) The boss mobs in Minecraft are the strongest and most powerful mobs. At present, these are the Enderdragon and Wither.

33) The Skeleton Horseman, Evoker, Ghast, and Phantom are examples of hostile mobs - they'll attack any player in sight at any time!

34) The higher a wolf's tail in the game, the healthier it is.

35) Neutral mobs only attack when provoked; their aggressiveness must be triggered. The panda, bee and dolphin are examples of neutral mobs.

36) Tameable mobs in Minecraft can become a player's pet. Examples of these are the donkey, mule, trader llama, llama, wolf, cat, parrot, horse, and the skeleton horse.

37) The passive mobs are non-violent (hence the name). The turtle, chicken, horse, and donkey are a few of the passive mobs in Minecraft. Even when they are provoked, they'll run from danger.

38) Creepers in Minecraft detonate because they get very nervous and shake a lot, setting themselves off in a similar way to how the rubbing of two sticks starts a fire.

39) Smokers cook food twice as fast as a furnace.

40) Did you know that Minecraft can be enjoyed by players aged three and up (including adults)?

41) There's a "Peaceful Mode" without mobs (hostile, non-player characters, like creepers, zombies and animals) which makes the game less violent for the younger ones.

42) In 2013, the Viktor Rydberg secondary school in Stockholm introduced Minecraft as a mandatory part of its curriculum for all of its 13-year-old students. A teacher explained what made the game worthwhile for students: “They learn about city planning, environmental issues, getting things done, and even how to plan for the future.”

43) Did you know there’s a LIFESIZE copy of the ENTIRE WORLD in Minecraft? It’s a project called Build the World and it’s trying to recreate all the deserts, oceans, mountains and cities on Earth. It’s not quite finished yet, but when it is – you’ll be able to climb Mount Everest, explore the Amazon and jump down the Grand Canyon. In Minecraft!

44) When Markus Persson (the guy who invented Minecraft) plays the game and dies, his character drops an apple. He’s the only player in the whole game to have this special feature! In fact Enchanted Apples, or Notch Apples, are still the most powerful food item in the game, and are named after him.

45) Did you know you can build computers inside Minecraft? Using redstone blocks, you can make a simple computers that can do word processing, difficult sums – all using redstone signals instead of electricity. Even better than that, one absolute genius programmed a version of Minecraft that you can play on one! Woah!

46) You know those rare cow/mushroom things? Yep. They’re Mooshrooms and they live in the mushroom fields biome. You can milk them just like cows – but they give you mushroom soup instead of milk! Weird!

47) Minecraft is bigger then the earth. In Minecraft, you can walk in a straight line for 60,000 Km, while the earth is 'only' 40,000 Km.

48) There are 107 achievements in Minecraft, which of the most common ones are 'take inventory', 'getting wood' and 'time to mine'!

49) The Wither is the strongest mob in Minecraft. The Ender Dragon has 200 health and th Wither has 300 health, on bedrock edition even 600. The Wither is also stronger in fighting, since the Ender Dragon needs to purge, and can't heal without end crystals, while the Wither doesn't have to purge and heals by destroying blocks. The Wither also deals more damage.

50) One you probably already know - Hypixel is the largest Minecraft server in existance. But, did you know there was a Chinese Hypixel? This was called Chypixel, and it was created beacuse Chinese people weren't allowed to play games with people from other countries. After this rule was removed, Chypixel was closed, and people just had to play on Hypixel.

51) The story mode was not made by Mojang, but by Telltale Games (video game developer from the USA).

52) In 2018, Telltale and Netflix signed a partnership deal. With this in mind, Minecraft is available today at Netflix as an interactive show. Simultaneously, the viewers can make choices for the characters to shape the story of the movie.

53) Some psychologist believes that video games like Minecraft can help build the social skills of kids since they engage with one another to overcome obstacles and achieve success.

54) According to psychologists, people who play video games that promote cooperation (like Minecraft) are more likely to be helpful to others rather than those who play competitive games. In contrast, some popular competitive games like Mobile Legends where most of its players tend to bash each other due to its competitive nature, Minecraft, on the other hand, encourages teamwork.

55) Minecraft sharpens the problem-solving skills of its players. Thus, the main components of problem-solving skills are creative thinking, flexibility, initiative, and resilience where consequently tested throughout the game.

56) Minecraft trains its players about resource management. Due to the “architectural gaming nature” of Minecraft, players are getting trained on how to save resources. Above all, the players can apply Minecraft’s resource management principles in real life such as saving money or investing their resources.

57) Playing Minecraft improves the player’s geometric skills such as visual, descriptive, and logical skills while they build structures around the environment as well as stacking the Minecraft’s blocks.

58) The emergent gameplay of Minecraft (simple game mechanics) contributes to its success. Above all, its simplicity is one of the biggest factors of its success as well as its flexibility of use.

59) In contrast to many popular online/offline games that are free to download, Minecraft (full version) isn’t free. For instance, it costs around $7 to play it on mobile phones while it costs around $20 to $30 to play it on PC. However, there are some limited versions of Minecraft today that can be downloaded for free.

60) The United States is on top of the list in playing Minecraft, followed by the United Kingdom, Canada, France, and Germany. Furthermore, Australia, Japan, Sweden, Denmark, and the Netherlands are among the top 10 countries that play this game.

61) Minecraft Ghast are big white hostile mobs that live in the Nether and shoots fireballs at the characters. Furthermore, these floating Ghasts are the second-largest mob that spawns in Minecraft.

62) Markus Persson sold Minecraft 'because he wants to move on with his life' he bought a $70 million mansion. After that, people started thinking he died from a overdose of drugs, which was fake news, after he tweeted 'he was alive and very well'.

63) If you shear a mooshroom, it turns into a cow! (Thanks to PenguinZombie66_)

64) The mineshaft is the most common structure! Yes, they are more common then shipwrecks and jungle temples. You would pass about 15 mineshafts in a 1.17.1 speedrun. But they are underground, so you don't see them! (Thanks to Spooky Slime)

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08/11/2021 7:49 pm
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I have a fact! if you shear a mooshroom it turns into a cow!
08/12/2021 1:39 am
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Ok! I will add it!
08/06/2021 8:48 pm
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Spooky Slime
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very cool fun facts! I have my own fact which is mineshafts are the most common structures
08/22/2021 4:41 amhistory
Level 35 : Artisan Slime Tamer
Spooky Slime
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also, another fact: Endermans doesnt spawn in Overworld but teleports randomly to Overworld from the End
08/12/2021 1:43 am
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Thanks, we now got a stack of facts :)
08/08/2021 12:19 pm
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I didn't know! I always thought it was shipwrecks :D
08/05/2021 3:24 am
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wow... these are some very interesting things about my world
08/05/2021 3:27 am
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Well um supporting me is truly appreciated...
08/05/2021 3:06 am
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53) Some psychologist believes that video games like Minecraft can help build the social skills of kids since they engage with one another to overcome obstacles and achieve success.

look how i turned out
08/05/2021 3:26 am
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Bruh xD
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