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×64 mob skin collection! || 4th pack

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Nitgo's Avatar Nitgo
Level 76 : Legendary Sus
So, I am now trying to be a little more active around these parts of town (PMC), therefore here are some more mob textures! There are now 4 more, and all of them are ×64! I hope you like them, they'll all be a part of my new [Texture pack] too.

×64 mob skin collection! || 4th pack

🗡 || First on the list we have the ravager. This took me the longest out of the bunch to finish due to the sheer surface area of it, but I do think it turned out quite well. I thought to fill in the empty space at the bottom jaw to make the teeth look more whole, as oppose to looking like floating, paper thin teeth.

×64 mob skin collection! || 4th pack
📸 || In-game screenshot
×64 mob skin collection! || 4th pack

🧟‍♂️ || This is the 2nd one here is the zombie. I spent less time than needed on this one honestly, and it could've used a little more love, but here it is for now. It might perhaps be changed later.

📸 || In-game screenshot


🐝 || Thirdly we have the bee. Honestly out of all, the bee was the most fun to make, because it's small (Which means less work for me lol), plus unlike the zombie and the ravager, I could actually find easy references online for realistic bees, and start working off of them.

📸 || In-game screenshot

🐮 || Lastly, the cow. The cow was interesting, because a cow's body lacks many texture features except hair and color spots, but other than that it's just a blob, so it was just a matter of drawing as much fur as is needed for it to not look empty, but to not look overwhelmed. Also I gave it a cartoonish feel just like the pig.

📸 || In-game screenshot

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This texture pack was made by: Nitgo
CreditMy free time... .. .

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02/19/2022 9:14 pm
Level 40 : Master Waffle
yoohooTNT_official's Avatar
Srsly how are you this good
01/31/2022 2:38 pm
Level 55 : Grandmaster Dragon
Abandon3dRain's Avatar
These look great!
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