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7 Best Mods for Gun Skins in Minecraft

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Minecraft proves to be an adventurous game that has gained popularity over the years. More than thirty million people play the game worldwide. The video game will give you a gaming experience like no other since you can come up with structures and contraptions of your liking from the textured cubes. As a player, you are placed in a world which is generated randomly, and in this world, you create a structure of your choice.

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If you have the desire to add more fun to your online gaming, then Minecraft mods are the way to go. Minecraft mods are files that are downloaded and added to your game hence changing or enhancing certain aspects of the game. As a player, you should only download mods that are credible and certified.

Some of the best Minecraft mods for Gun Skins include:

1. Visible Armor Slots
Картинки по запросу minecraft mod Visible Armor Slots

This mod adds armor slots to the menu meaning that it is no necessary for you to change the list to know what armor you are working with. Visible armor slots increase your quality of life when playing.

2. Pams Harvest Craft
Картинки по запросу minecraft mod Pams Harvest Craft

Feed the enemies to death. It is a type of mode that allows the addition of variety to the games food selection. More than two hundred recipes and foods are available in this mode, including crops that are harvested then planted again and also trees that bear fruits.

3. Tough Nails
Картинки по запросу minecraft mod Tough Nails

Tough nails mode is mostly used by the strongest Minecraft players. It adds a level of hunger, thirst, and body temperatures. This mode helps you to focus on your survival skills, thus adding thrill to the game.

4. Hooked
Картинки по запросу minecraft mod Hooked

The most exciting experience in the hooked mod is grappling of hooks which allow you to move in any environment with caped crusader like agility. Although it is a reasonably small mod, it makes the game more exciting.

5. Advanced Rocketry
Картинки по запросу minecraft mod Advanced Rocketry

Heavy guns? If you like crafting and launching rockets, then the Advanced Rocketry mod is tailored for you. Using this mod, you can create your own space program, construct space stations, and explore stars.

6. Cooking for Blockheads
Картинки по запросу minecraft mod Cooking for Blockheads

Taste your enemy. Cooking becomes more fun if you have all the required ingredients. This mod allows you to add in a cookbook that shows food that can be cooked using your inventory. You will also be directed on how the food works in the game.

7. Animania
Картинки по запросу minecraft mod Animania

Nothing about guns, I know. This mod helps you to add a variety of animals to the game. It adds more breeds, genders, and new species. For the animals to be resourceful, then you have to feed them.

Final Word

Minecraft gives you an incredible experience in online video gaming. The experience is made even better by the wide variety of mods that can be added to the game to make it more exciting. Play Minecraft and enjoy building different structures while exploring the endless virtual world.

So, what`s your favourite mod?

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