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A Cat and a Petting Zoo

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A Cat and a Petting Zoo

A Cat and a Petting Zoo

At the outskirts of a city, at the edge of a park and right before a highway, there is a large petting zoo and in this petting zoo there was a little building they called the Shanty and in there, there lived a young black cat named Dooka.
As the sun rose Dooka got out of her bed and stretched herself before going downstairs to drink a little bit of her water. After she drunk her water she jumped through an open window and exited at the paddock where the three donkeys of the petting zoo roam.
"Now is a good time for a hunt," Dooka thought to herself.
She approached the fence near the donkey stable and jumped over it and walked over a paved path, coming across a field where guinea pigs and rabbits are kept and then along the barn where the goats and pigs are kept, to another fenced off area. It fences of a little meadow where goats roam during the day. It's a field of three small grasslands, with some playground materials for the goats to jump on. In the distance she heard a mouse chewing on some grains near a chicken coop. She readied herself for the hunt by lowering her body as soon as she saw the mouse. Carefully she crawled towards it. Unbeknownst of the danger the mouse continued to eat. When the mouse looked back Dooka was already looming over him, frozen stiff of fear the mouse stayed in place whilst Dooka batted it to provoke movement. This went on for a little while until Dooka decided to grab the mouse in her mouth and eat it at her secure spot away from prying eyes.

Now the petting zoo opens and the workers there gather to do their chores. The owner of the petting zoo walks to the Shanty and in the kitchen there she grabs the food bowl for Dooka and fills it with kibble and is off on her way. Soon after Dooka sniffed from the bowl and ate some kibble before leaving the Shanty. She went on walking the terrains to see what's out there.
She walked outside the main area of the petting zoo and walked across a path to go to the meadow where the cows graze. There in the meadow she watches the cow graze for a while just looking at those big beasts. Not long after Dooka got bored watching the cows and one of the humans working there walked around the terrain looking for his colleagues informing it's time for a coffee break and she walked back to the main grounds of the petting zoo. There a very tall guy was on his way to the break room and noticed Dooka walking the grounds. She began to meow to him as he squatted on to be closer to the ground to give Dooka pets and a little scratch as she bopped her head against his hand, while she continued meowing.
"Nice little kitty," the tall guy said.
Then a little while later the guy walked into the break room and Dooka walked away, where she jumped up the roof of the barn, there she walked towards the hay bale and straw bale storage, where she rolled around on top of a straw bale as she finds that to give a good back scratch. After she got her back scratched she started to groom herself, shaking her fur and licking her paws that she used to comb her head to get the straw out.

After she cleaned herself she got an interest to go into the barn, there attached to it is a small cafeteria where visitors can buy some food or drinks and houses a few animal terrariums one containing desert gerbils, then there are two insect terrariums with one holding specter stick insects and the other stick insects, an aquarium containing small fishes that were fished out of a nearby water filled ditch and another terrarium containing degus. Here she walked in and jumped on top of the degu terrarium.
"I wonder how I get in to these nice little snacks," Dooka thought. "Is there a way to open this box? Let me see if there's a way. I'm sure I can figure it out."
Suddenly a visitor made the bell ring and the tall guy came in and saw Dooka on top of the degu terrarium, he heard the degus giving panicky squeaks, as they realized how scary that cat is for them. He grabs her from atop the cage of the degus.
"Bad kitty. Scaring the degus like that," he said and puts her on the floor where she scurried off behind the cage in hiding, still needing to help the customer the tall guy helped the customer and shortly following that was on his way. Now that the tall guy left she went outside the cafetaria and with a few jumps went atop the aviary across the cafeteria where the pheasants are kept, here she walked for a bit until she lay down and just watched over the terrain of the petting zoo. Gazing over the meadows where the goats and sheep roam, looking at the swans and geese before taking a little nap.

What some degus look like
A Cat and a Petting Zoo

The day went by quick during the nap. As Dooka woke up from it the workers there started to feed the animals, something done in the late afternoon, before most of them went home for the day. Knowing it's feeding time Dooka went to the Shanty, not long after one of the workers came in with canned cat food to fill up her bowl. She quickly ate from it as she finds that better tasting than her kibble, of which some was left over in her bowl.
She walked towards the person break room after she was done eating, to once again get petted by that tall guy, who was on his way to ready himself to feed some animals on the petting zoo. She disappeared into some nearby bushes as she quickly ran off before the tall guy entered the room where food was kept.
A short while later after the animals were fed and the workers went home as the petting zoo closed for the public the early evening came and she walked the terrain searching for another critter to hunt, but then she saw a red beast with black paws and a bushy tail at the chicken coop, it was a fox. She stopped and investigated to see what that beast was up to.
"What's that ugly thing, looks like some tiny dog. No wonder it's so ugly," she thought. "Why is that thing looking at my birdies. Perhaps it's best I show that filthy creature who's boss around here."

He started digging near the chicken coop hoping it could enter underneath, but then got interrupted by the sight of Dooka, who loomed over him. He looked at Dooka curiously.
"What's this tiny creature? Is it edible? This is a lot easier than digging some hole to get my food," the fox thought. "Now to figure out where to bite it." He came up to Dooka, lowering his head, tilting his ears back ready to bite, while she arched her back ready to fend him off. As the fox tried to bite her she jumped back. "It's quick, perhaps I tried it faster," the fox thought as he tried again, but Dooka once again evaded him.
"I must strike back," Dooka thought as she batted at the fox causing him to flinch. "Dumb ugly thing is tougher than he looks." Her ears rolled back as the fox tried to bite Dooka a few times from different angles, but every time she batted at the face of the fox causing him to retreat back. "And quick as well."
Feared of his attacks Dooka started to run away, but the fox gave chase and they stopped before the barn where the goats and pigs are kept. A growl came from the fox, trying to show he means it this time to bite Dooka.
"Darn beast. I will not let that dumb ugly thing be here any longer," Dooka thought.
Then with a quick strike of her claws to his face the fox started to bleed, she attacked the fox three times more in the same manner and the fox retreated back into the bushes of the park.
"You better run and don't come back here," Dooka thought as the fox ran away with some blood slowly dripping from the wounds she caused. "Now back to the hunt. Although here's where those tall two legged beings keep sweet stuff. I deserve a little treat after that encounter."
She walked in the barn, then through a cat door into the cafeteria where the food is kept and jumped on the shelves, sniffing on the packets of cakes and cookies the humans keep up there. Now that she decided what she wanted, she ripped open a packet of syrup waffles and started to eat from that. After that she had her fill, she went back to the Shanty and to her little bed to sleep.

A new day started and Dooka began with her grooming before the workers came in at the petting zoo. That syrup waffle she had last night was tasty enough she went in the cafeteria again to try and eat another thing the humans keep on the shelf, but one of the workers saw her as she was on her way to feed the degus and quickly opened the cafeteria door and grabbed Dooka from the shelves
"Bad kitty, you are not allowed to eat that," as she put her on the floor.
Quickly she decided to put all the things on the shelves in a cupboard, as Dooka stood there on the ground meowing at her. But the worker ignored her and just filled the cupboard and then went back to her regular duties of feeding the animals on the terrain. With nothing left to snatch in there Dooka left the cafeteria as well and went outside. A few children came and noticed her walking around telling loudly to their parents: "Oh! Look a cat!" But Dooka didn't feel like entertaining visitors today and just rushed off away from the children. She jumped once again on the barn, but this time to hunt for some birds. There she went on the prowl by lowering herself close to the surface and stalked some little sparrow sitting atop the roof, but the sparrow noticed Dooka and quickly flew away. With no luck so far in gathering food she went to the Shanty, and looked at her bowl filled with kibble and started to eat from it. Soon she walked out and went to the break room, there she saw a container and jumped on it and started to groom herself. The day did not bring any excitement other than hunting a few little animals, nothing was that exciting as fending of a fox this day, neither was the next or the day after. The days went back to normal as normal could be here, Dooka roamed the terrains hunting if she felt like it, napping if she was inclined to or just getting pets if she wanted affection and as for the fox; he was not seen at the petting zoo again

A Cat and a Petting Zoo

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Aw so cute.
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