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Level 8 : Apprentice Engineer
It may not have been our first rodeo, but this was a once in a lifetime trip. My name is Steve, and I am part of a daring group of adventurers, Alex, a great engineer and warrior, Joey, a fabulous archer and builder, and I, the head of the group and jack of all trade. We have traversed the Overworld and have seen its many dangers and wonders. However, we love our home village and will protect it at any cost. We have had a portal in our village leading to the Nether, a dimension which a select few, including my team, have seen. The portal has been acting especially weird recently. When normally it would be a source of heat, it can barely sustain itself, and its noises and particles have appeared to be weaker than usual.

  This was terrifying to our leaders, for the Nether is supposed to be a source of great heat. They feel that it could be a result of a problem accidentally caused by the Great Designer and his team of designers that created our world. They will often add new things to our world, but not without strange happenings going on. The village leaders felt that it would be best for our world if we enter the portal and neutralize any possible threat to the village.

  After an apprehensive farewell ceremony, my comrades and I advanced to the portal with all of the villagers looking on. We looked at each other with anticipation. We took a deep breath, joined hands, and stepped into the portal. We emerged on the other side in a haze of purple. We walked out, with swords and shields in hand, and assessed the environment. We appeared to be in a small sort of cave. Its walls were made of netherrack with quartz scattered around. However, the area around us was submerged in a blue fog and seemed to have this apprehensive ambiance to it and it felt colder than I remembered.

  I, being the leader of our team, gave out orders. I spoke, and said, “We are going to explore this cave further. We need to find out what is causing this weird fog. Alex, you take the back, and Joey, back us up with your bow.” We then moved through the cave at a rapid pace, with much the same environment as previously described. There weren’t any pigmen, which was strange.

  After walking a short distance, the cave gradually began to open up to a greater expanse. As we looked out of the cave’s mouth, we gasped in awe of the sight in front of us. The ground was almost entirely made of soul sand! There was a new kind of block sitting amid the soul sand which looked very similar to the soul sand but didn’t slow us down and it burnt with blue fire. It appeared more commonly than the soul sand. Some pillars were scattered around. They were made of a visually pleasing block. The village librarian later decided on calling the biome the Soul Sand Valley and these blocks soul soil and basalt respectively. There were fossils scattered everywhere it seemed. There were a lot of enderman, skeletons, and ghasts everywhere as well. One of the ghasts spotted us and we ducked back into the cave.

  I talked with my team for a minute, and we decide to keep heading through the Nether and to try to avoid the ghasts. We walked for a while, killed a few ghasts, found but didn’t enter a Nether fortress, and accidentally looked at an enderman. We finally reached the end of the soul sand valley. I saw an environment the same as the old Nether, which the village librarian later called the Nether Wastes. After walking through that, we encountered a different biome. This looked like the Nether Wastes except with a different textured block for the floor and red mushroom looking trees with red vines. The tree was made of log looking blocks and nether wart blocks. There was also a light source similar to glowstone and red fungi scattered on the ground. The librarian called the biome the Crimson Forest, the new floor block crimson nylium, the logs of the trees Crimson stems, the light source Shroomlight, and the two types of fungi Crimson fungus and Crimson roots.

  Weird pig-like creatures were wandering the forest. One species was standing upright on two legs similar to regular zombie pigmen, and the other species looked like a pig with tusks. I thought they should be called non-zombified pigmen and warthogs respectively. The librarian, however, insisted that we should call them piglins and piglins beasts as well as calling regular pigmen zombified piglins. (Did I mention that she claimed that the Great Designer had inspired her with the names of all the new items, blocks, and creatures? I think that is total rubbish.)

As we began to enter the forest, the creatures began to attack us! We ran for a while until we had exited the forest, where we found another forest that seemed to be an inverse of the previous biome. The logs, nether wart blocks, vines, ground, and fungi were blue. It was positively filled with enderman! The librarian called the biome the Warped Forest, the logs Warped stems, the nether wart blocks Warped wart blocks, the vines Weeping vines, the ground Warped nylium, and the fungi Nether sprouts and Warped roots.

  We began to explore the forest, but then we saw everything flick in and out of existence repeatedly for a second. This was an update to the game, which we are accustomed to. For a while, we couldn’t move, but then everything went back to normal with one exception: it felt much warmer! We decided to go back to the village quickly. We decided to mine straight there. While mining, we found a cave that seemed to head in the direction we were going. It steadily went down, and I told my teammates that we needed to mine up.

  We had mined for two blocks when we found a new block. We tried to mine it with our iron picks, but it wasn’t breaking. Thankfully, I had brought a diamond pickaxe, and I was able to mine it. The librarian called it Netherite, and we later found that it could be added to diamond tools and armor. We didn’t have time to look for more, so we continued mining up, and then we broke into the Soul Sand Valley. It didn’t take long until we found the cave that we had entered in. We found the portal and entered it. The first things we saw when we exited the portal were the villagers cheering and the lack of snow on the ground.

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