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VocaloidxFreaks build to my replica

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For those interested, here's a link to the original. I'm not claiming this as my work, the build only really serves as an example for why I believe 1.12 will be the best update since the introduction of seeds (at least in my personal opinion).

Welcome, random person reading this, to what I'm hoping is a decent blog on the topic of 1.12. As you may or may not know, I've been a long time player of Minecraft since late into Alpha, long before there were beds, potions, hunger, or even command blocks. In that time, I have been a part of the many changes, celebrations and even part of the angry mobs when there wasn't a particular update. However, for the last few versions of the game, I have long lost interest in the game as a whole as did many other people who have been playing since that time.

Vanilla Survival Let's plays have been overdone to the point where many moved on to modding. After a while, even that has grown stale as most packs tend to have roughly the same set additions including Tinker's Construct, NEI / JEI / TMI, thermal expansion, iron chests, etc. As time went on, there wasn't really many exciting updates to the game apart from maybe the Bountiful 1.8 Update and the 1.9 Combat Update, though that one is considered by many to have been a horrible change to the game since the removal of Beta terrain generation. Alas, the game seemed to slowly die off, only the most hardcore of people continued to play until I decided to check up on the latest news for the game...

It all started with a tweet from Marc Watson, showing off some new type of sand that solidified in water. Unsure of what it was, it was an interesting mechanic that showed promise. As the weeks passed, I saw had the first taste of what 1.12 was to offer: Terracotta and Concrete blocks, changes to wool colors, this was the start of an excitement I hadn't felt for the game in a long time. While I might not be creative myself, it brought back memories of when I used to play classic: the bright colors, I began to imagine the possibilities that could be done. I wanted to build with them no matter how badly they looked.

Minecraft, at least to me, was a game about building your own world, discovering exciting things, and being as creative as you can. As you can see by my cover image, there are no more ugly wool and sand textures, making the art very smooth and solid. On top of that, there are now different color beds, making your houses even more unique and cookie cutter. If that's all, though, I would end it here, but let me go over another massive change to the game that is sure to get people back, especially map makers.

And that is where Advancements come in, a much-needed replacement for Achievements as well as a fantastic tutorial. With less need of using the online wiki, it gives a great feeling of progression that was completely absent from the game. You start a world, punch wood, kill the Enderdragon and that was it. Yes there is the End Cities, but I never found them to be all that exciting, more of a hassle for an Elytra, while fun, doesn't really make for replayable content. Along with this is a crafting guide which I have wanted since I don't even know how long. Many a time I have forgotten recipes as well as there are some I don't even know such as how to craft an Enchantment Table or even a beacon.

Long has the game felt very stale with no real innovations in the creative aspect, these new changes are what I believe were the things needed to give players the tools to get back into the game, try something new or unique. If you're not a builder or only made simple houses, you should definitely experiment with these new blocks as they now offer a much more expansive and flush palette for you to build with whether it be creative or in survival. While 1.11 did add an interesting addition of illagers and curses, I don't think it compares to how massive that a new splash of color along with fresh mechanics may improve this game made by a small company.

Now, if they can only add some extra things to the Nether...

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I agree, these new mechanics and bocks will help people be more creative, and they are something I've wanted for a long time
  • Yamantaca9
  • Level 36
  • Artisan Engineer
  • April 19, 2017, 7:22 am
I know how you feel. I've been playing Minecraft since Alpha as well and the game has definitely had it's ups and downs in appeal to me, especially from the creative mode aspect. It's so hard to build a decent map without modding in a wider variety of blocks, so the new additions from these recent updates are highly welcome, especially since I like to keep my game and map as vanilla as possible so it can be shared online without the need for the user to download a million other things along with the map! And on the Nether note, how long do we have to wait for a bloody fence gate to match the fence posts!
  • Nii-chan
  • Level 23
  • Expert Explorer
  • April 19, 2017, 7:53 am
Given with how slowly Mojang is to add different colored woods (I think it took some year or so to add the different fences) maybe by the end of this year or maybe never.

And yeah, I agree. It's always nice to download a map and play it (think Terra Swoop Force) instead of get a map, get a resource pack, get about a dozen mods, done. I miss the days of maps like Deep Space Turtle chase and Professor Grizwold, you don't need lots of flashy stuff to make an enjoyable map.

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