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A Fortnite BR Experience...

Who else can relate to this

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avatar SkelephantMc
Level 7 : Apprentice Explorer
Hello, I am slowly becoming a Fortnite player instead of a Overwatch player so there is a small thing mentioned, now onto the story...

So, I was playing Fortnite BR and it was going great I had 2 kills (I am crap at the game) after looting all of the mansion near Lonely Lodge, and I was unharmed for all of the game until I ran into this part of the map with a house with a tree house built inside of it. I ran into a enemy he got some good shots on me, and I managed to eliminate with some good Tactical Shotgun head shots and then I killed him, the storm nearly killed me and I out ran the storm into Wailing woods, roughly 12 players were remaining, I had no base but I had a medkit to heal myself up and no shield. I managed to eliminate somebody after healing myself up, about 3 people were left, Then one enemy was killed by the other guy, Then it was a 1v1, me and someone else were about to fight, he engaged first, he was a good builder, and because I do not play Fortnite correctly I do not build, I get some shots on him he falls off a 2 stairs high building he had a rock as cover then I managed to his him 3 times 1 worth 9 another worth around 70 and another that I have no clue of, he has eliminated me, he had only 34 health left I only had to land one more shot to kill him and I would have had my second Solo win. But sadly sense I lost I felt very mad at myself and I was really tilted and ticked. I took a break and went to have some water and watch some youtube and share my experience. If I ever have any other experience to tell a story of I will post it (If I remember my account exists).

As for now see you later my readers.

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