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A Future to Die For - A Zombie Apocalypse Story

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avatar _Insane
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Chapter One

My name is Amberlynn, and welcome to the zombie apocalypse.
That would make a great introduction to a zombie TV show. Actually, on second thought, it sucks. Way too cheesy. But it works for this tv show. Except this tv show is real, and everything that happens in it is too.
I'm not sure if there's any other way to explain it. The zombie apocalypse happened and I happen to be a survivor. A survivor that's home alone with a limited supply of food in a house with all entrances blocked. In my opinion, I'm pretty screwed at this point.
The zombie outbreak happened a few days ago. My parents went searching for help when they saw a warning on tv. They told me to stay here and be safe, and that's why all windows and exits are blocked.
That was Tuesday morning. Today is Friday, around 4 in the afternoon. I haven't had an encounter with the undead yet, but I have seen them through the windows, and I have a bad feeling that if I'm going to make it in this new world, then I'm going to have many.
But in the meantime, I'm going to lock myself in my bedroom, pass some time, waiting for my parents to show up with help or something. I really do hope they're okay..

I hope you enjoyed, I'm going to try and add a new chapter daily. Otherwise, leave a diamond, comment your comments, favorite, bookmark, whatever you have to do!

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