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A Glitch in Time (Happy Halloween!)

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avatar gabe4356
Level 51 : Grandmaster Blob
As I hear the tapping on the window, I hold the covers tightly, and holding my breath to make the monster think I'm not here, but I can't hold my breath forever. I decide to come up for some air quickly, I slowley poke my head up from the blanket to get some air, but what I see prevents me from breathing. Followed by the repetative tap, tap, tap from the rain, there is a head in the window, it seems as if it is hovering. Stalking me. Trying to find a way in. My head starts to hurt. I must have forgotten to breath. I take a deep breath, blink, and it's gone. I'm to scared to run down the hall to my mom, I feel as if something will come from the shadows, and grap me. Instead, I just hide under the covers as I did before. I go to sleep thinking of the blood that was dripping of the bottom of the head, and how famililar it looked, but I can't quite remember who it was...

  I wake up, but the day has not come yet. At least..I think I have woken up, but I can't feel my feet. Or my legs...or...anything. I look around, wondering where I am. I'm not in my room. I'm in some sort of cave. I hear dripping, and it reminds me of the blood driping from the head I saw. I'm not even sure where, or for that matter when I am. This can't be a dream though, it seems to real to be a dream.I hear a voice humming, and comming down the hall, it sounds like an old lady. I run behind a boulder that is in the middle of the room. I just wish that the dripping would stop, it is getting very annyoing. I look behind me and I see a mine shaft, but something is off about it, its full of blood. That must be the dripping souind.
    "Come out sweety, I won't hurt you, I know you may have lost quite a few memories falling down the well and all, you banged your head pretty hard. Good thing I was able to fix you up. Nearly lost you there! Oh, I don't believe we have met yet, or well, not in person, even now we are not meeting in person." I come out from behind the boulder.
    "What do you mean, I see you right there, we are meeting in person right now." I reply to the creepy old lady. Her eyes have a sort of hazel tint to them, yet they look very...fake. She's wearing a worn out and raggedy robe. Her hair is tied back into a bun.
    "Oh, my dear, dear Jason. This is but a dream, I am only able to contact you this once, from then on you will be on your own. And I am affraid that is bad news, you are in grave danger my friend. A teacher from your school was just murdered by the-"
   I cut her off "head creature?" I ask
   "No, the ead seeker as some call it, I prefer to call it, Arnold. Just a silly name I came up with, you know." She says, but the way she says 'Arnold' Makes me think that she is trying to triger one of my memeories that I must have lost.
   "What did it take from me, why me, why is it here!" I exclaim.
   "So many questions, so little time to answer." She says as I start to wake up to my mom screaming "Jason" in my ear.
   "Yes Mom?" I ask.
   "Arnold wants to come over this evening, you know, Arnold from school, your best friend? He wants to show you something." My mom replies.
   "Ar-Ar-Arnold?" I say in a mumbled voice, but as soon as I remember my dream, I get up, and start sprinting down the halls, heading for the front door, so I can run as far away as possible. But I trip on a root in the forest, I bang my head on a stone, and the last thing I see, is a Shadowy figure comming up to me.
   "M-M-Mom?" I manage to say just before my vision goes dark.
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