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A Growing Planet : The Story of Minecraft

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For a game that looks like it has 16-bit graphics, it's pretty popular, and growing rapidly. What is its story, and how did it come to get so popular?

The game was originally designed by Markus Perrson, or as most of us call him, Notch. The first edition of the game released in late 2009 on a development site named TIGsource. The game didn't get popular then, though. It was when the official release came.

Minecraft didn't recieve a lot of players the first couple days. There probably was one or two people that you knew that had heard of it or played it, but it wasn't as big as it was today.

But, very shortly after the release, it saw a sudden increase. The amount of copies sold was already in the millions. People were keen to get new updates. They saw it as a fun game with lots of potiential. And they were right.

Shortly after its increase, Jens Bergrensten, or "Jeb", took creative control over the game. Markus wanted to work on other stuff, so that's why he's not that active in Minecraft as he used to be.

Pocket Edition released, and it got a wild amount of sales. Today, it is almost always in the Top 5 Paid Apps, even at its price tag of $6.99.

The long-anticipated Xbox version of Minecraft finally increased. The developers hoped to get one million sales. Instead, they got 12 million.

Just a few months ago, the Playstation version met its release. It has been reported that it has almost reached 2 million sales. And the PC version? It has almost reached 15 million. You can check its progress every day on the Minecraft website's home page.

Overall, by the end of 2014, we shouldn't be surprised if total sales of the Minecraft series reach 40 million or more. Minecraft is growing rapidly, and for a great game that we all love, it probably deserves it.

Celebrating 12 million sales for the Xbox version of Minecraft. Congratulations Mojang!
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