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A Guide To Minecraft Player Statues

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avatar ThaumasTheIceBeing
Level 32 : Artisan Pixel Painter
You know that skin you're guy wears to look different?(Ugh , now I'm grossed out. Wearing skin. O-o)
Well , haven't you ever wanted to build that skin in Minecraft?
I have a guide!
It isn't perfect , but....
It comes close. Close enough at least.

So , first you need to start with the head.
1-Collect the materials you will be needing
2-Build an 8x8x8 cube out of the main material
3-Add the details.

Than the body.
Repeat step 1
2-Build two heads on top of each other under the original head out of the body material

Than the legs.
Repeat step 1
Repeat step 2 using leg materials.

Than the arms.
1-Build a head on both sides of the body
2-Go up and down until you've covered the entire body
3-Add details with arm materials.

I hope you like this little guide.
(Please do not criticize if these are not the correct parameters)
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