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A Guide to the First Basics of Survival

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avatar JozyP
Level 40 : Master Pixel Painter
Steve looked down at his book and quill for only a minute before opening it. If he couldn't make it out of that cave, he thought, he would do all he could to make sure that somebody did. Then he began to write: 
"The sole trick and dynamic purpose of survival would be to prepare yourself for any consequence. Before entering a nether portal, you should always make sure to bring extra food and a piece of flint and steel, just incase your nether portal breaks. When heading to the End, you should make sure to bring a bucket of water, so that the edges into the void aren't so dangerous. But for the basics of first day survival, well first, find a tree and begin punching it with your fist. It might take awhile, but eventually the block will break and a log will pop out. Keep punching until you get that wholw tree down. Then, use one of the logs to create four wooden planks. You can then create a crafting table, primary for survival in this world. Then, using more planks, one ontop of the other in your crafting grid, collect four sticks. Use two these sticks as handle and three planks of wood to craft a wooden pickaxe. Then, with only one stick and two wooden planks, craft a wooden sword. This is the first product of defense. For a few minutes, check to see if you can find any caves near by. If not, find something to eat instead. Chicken is okay but when it's raw it can be very bad for you. I would prefer either steak or pork. Mutton is fine too but they are going extict due to people slaying sheep rather than shearing them. You can use wood to cook the meat, but remember, to cook the meat you find you have find stone to craft a furnace. This can often be found in the side of a cliff. However if you do find a cave nearby you must first obtain stone and coal, if you can find any. After breaking up the stone with your pickaxe, you will collect pieces of cobblestone, allowing you to craft stone tools, an upgrade to wooden ones. Using the stone that you have collected, craft a stone pickaxe, a stone sword, and a furnace. Now, before the sun sets, you must make a shelter. The easiest way but yet most tiring would to dig yourself a hole in the side of a steep hill. Also using wooden planks, craft a door. This should keep most of the monsters out. Now, for lighting, if you managed to find some coal ore then you should have a piece of coal with you. Using a stick and that peice of coal, craft four torches and place them around your shelter. This will keep the monsters away. If you don't have a piece of coal you can use charcoal, the result of burning logs in your furnace, but using items like sticks for the fuel. Here, you can rest until the next day."
Steve closed the book and set down the quill. He heard the lonely echo of a moaning zombie. Then, Steve fell asleep.

2 replies

12/07/2015 2:25 pm
Level 49 : Master Lava Rider
Not bad suggestion inside this text-wall that can scare of people.

Have you thought about dividing this text in paragrahps and maybe add some titles in between? It will read than a lot better away.
12/07/2015 3:13 pm
Level 40 : Master Pixel Painter
Yeah, if I find time I will. I have always had trouble with remember to add paragraphs.

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