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A Guide to the World of Horses (100% done)

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~Chapter 1~
How to Find Your Perfect Bessie

      I would highly recommend on making one or two leads and gathering some apples from oak trees, wheat from the farm, or sugar off the plantation (I will refer to these as "Farm Foods" later on), before going out to find a horse. Both are optional, but highly suggested. In order to find horses, look out for a Plains Biome. If you don't know what a plains biome, look for a plain (hehe) looking area of land that is only composed of grass blocks and grass. You may need to bring some food along the way with you in case it takes days for you to find you your perfect horse.

     To scout out horses in the plains biome, look for big, brown/white/black/light brown/grey creatures. They gather in herds ranging from small to large in size. Pick out the most attractive looking horse to you; The look of the horse does not play into the stats of the horses, so you could have the ugliest horse, but be the fastest cowboy around. If you see a donkey, I would pass on it for now due to them being not so useful in the early stages of horse raising. To read about donkeys go to Chapter #.

~Chapter 2~
Taming Your Bessie
   If you have the farm foods on you that I suggested to bring in chapter 1, here is where you use them. First, approach the selected horse of your choosing. Secondly, begin to feed the horse with the farm foods. Lastly, right-click onto the horse and see how it reacts. If you get bucked off, try again. If you have fed it, it shouldn't take longer than two tries before it falls in love with you. If you did not feed it, the same steps apply, but it will take twice as long compared to a fed horse. 

~Chapter 3~

The Journey Home
    After you see the heart of love spew from your horse, you're going to want to place a lead around it's neck, and walk it to your house. Quick Tip- Horses are fast animals, you can run and horses will be able to catch up with you if you have a lead on team. Though it wouldbe smart to check behind you every so often in case the lead just slipped off. I would the check the health of your horse every so often by feeding it some farm foods. Feeding farm foods heal your horse (Hay bales are the best by the way.)

~Chapter 4~
Caring for Bessie
  When you bring your horse home, you can either tie it to a fence post outside your house or place it in a stable/pen. If you're planning on having more than one horse, i would go with the latter. A quick little build will be great enough to hold a single horse; just build onto the same build when you add more horses. To care for your horse, you're going to need more supplies.

 These supplies would include armor to protect the horse, a saddle to ride your horse, and farm foods to heal your horse.Gathering the farm food are quite simple, but the earlier two arent as easy as they seem. To find saddles and armor, you're going to have to go cave exploring. When wondering the caves, you want to keep an eye out for mossy cobblestone. If you see this block, mine it, and destroy the spawner of the mini-dungeon. Check the chest and hope for the best. This step is pretty much rinse and repeat until you find the amount of materials you need. You only need one saddle to ride any horse, but you're going to need a few sets of armor for your horses. To place these accessories onto your horse, ride the horse and open your inventory. The armor and saddle spot will be there.

~Chapter 5~
Breeding for Babies
      Horses are one of the most costly creatures to breed in the game. In order to breed your horses, you're going to need 18 pieces of gold and two apples or carrots. In order to find yourself an apple, chop down some trees and wait for the apples to fall. Destroying the leaves has a lower chance to spawn an apple verses chopping the tree down; So waiting for the leaves to dispawn is the better option. To get carrots you'll either need to find a village, kill a zombie and get a carrot drop, or get some out of your already made farm. For the gold, its best to go mining. Caves are the best option, but a bit of strip mining wouldn't hurt anybody. When you finally get your two golden apples or golden carrots made, you can now breed two horses together. It is best to breed horses who have great stats (Chapter 6) together, but if you're just beginning in the horse breeding world, don't pay attention to the stats on who you're breeding.

~Chapter 6~
Statistics to Find the Your Best Bessie

  Horses have three stats that are highly important if you're looking for a good trusty horse. The first stat is speed. Horses range from a smooth gallop to a racecar in speed. Testing to see if your horse's speed great is an easy task. Set two blocks a distance of 15+ blocks apart, and keep track of your horse's time. You can compare and contrast which horse is the fastest on your own. The second stat is health. Horses range from 15 hearts to a max (Naturally) of 30 hearts. This should be the easiest comparing and contrasting section of stats because the stat is right infront of you. The last stat is jump height. This one may not as matter as much, but it it quite handy. To test your horses jump height, build a stair case that ranges from 1 block to 5 blocks. Make the platform a bit wide so theres room for the horse (Look at the image below.) Start off at the 5 block jump, and go lower until you reach a point in the steps where you can jump onto. IMPORTANT!! Make sure you have your jump bar filled all the way before you test your jump for even testing!!

~Chapter 7~
The Misfits of the World of Horses
There are four types of creatures that are the same as horses, but aren't really horses. They are donkeys, mules, skeleton horses, and zombie horse. You can not naturally own a zombie or skeleton horses in survival yet (Skeleton horses will spawn naturally in 1.9), and mules don't spawn naturally, but can be made in survival. Donkeys naturally spawn in plain biomes with horses, and are tamed the same way. The main use of donkeys are to make mules and to be mini chest holders. In order to make a mule, you need to breed a donkey and a horse together. The mule's purpose is to be a larger chest holder for you. Once you place a saddle and a chest on a mule or donkey, the extra storage will come up in the inventory. Mules can not be breed due to being a sub, unnartural specices. All mules and donkeys have the same speed and jump height,but range in health. All skeleton and zombie horses have the same health and the same speed, but range in jump height. All the misfits have one texture per type, so there isn't any variaty in each species.

~Chapter 8~
Quick Tips
If you're impatiant for a foul to grow, feed it some farm foods. Hay bales are best for speeding up the growing process (Actually golden apples are, but hale bales are a cheap, yet effective, growth food.) If you are taking a trip over seas in a boat, you can tie your horse up with a lead, and it will maintaine the same pace as the boat. Horses can drop leather if you're really needy in leather (Though who would ever kill a horse for leather.) 

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12/15/2015 8:53 pm
Level 15 : Journeyman Artist
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The Tutorial is 100% finished, I forgot to update the title when I finished it; So dont be fooled by the title!!
12/06/2015 10:25 am
Level 56 : Grandmaster Lava Rider
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Well made guide about horses. It sure is unique in it's own way in this contest.

Nicely done with the pictures, so have a diamond!

Good luck with the contest although you're competition!
12/08/2015 8:38 pm
Level 15 : Journeyman Artist
CompleteSavage avatar
Ty! I tried to go from a diffrent angle in the comp; Im glad to hear someone likes it!

Also, good luck to you as well!
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