A herobrine story {Proluoge}

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avatar Mikki_Panda
Level 33 : Artisan Dragonborn
I woke up, noticing that it was time to go to school. I got ready, got my bag then headed out the door. I got on the bus to see my friend. Alexa. "Hi Alexa." I said. "Hmm? OH hi Amanda!"she replied. Zoey, a girl who had bullied us, has been trying to be friends with us ever sense we became the most popular kids in school. "Hi Amanda and Alexa! CAn I sit with you?" Zoey asked. "Sorry Zoey, the seat is full." I said. She understood then walked away.

AT lunch, something happened. Lets just say, the school set on fire. Thats when I saw him. The pare of glowing white eyes, and a miner looking outfit. I whispered to my other friends, Joe,Drake and Alexa, "Gyes, we have to go after that man." They looked over my shoulder and saw him, Then he disappeared. One of my friends named Jake came over. "CAn I come?" he asked. "Sure I guess." I replied. I saw his face go a little bit red, he was blushing. I didnt know why yet, but I will figure out.

A Herobrine story
By:Mikkipanda, Alexindy,and whitestorm905

04/10/2016 6:57 pm
Level 33 : Artisan Dragonborn
Good lord, re-reading this after all this time I can't help but face palm.
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