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A History of Osokkos

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Just a short history of the city of Osokkos, which is mentioned now and then in my blogs.

The Osokki tribe had lived in the northern reaches of the known world for most of recorded history. When the Spartosan explorer Toracus left his home on the great island city, he travelled far to the north and met “Semi-nomadic farmers and warriors who had no written language, but forged iron to the highest quality.”

During his stay, Toracus learned their language, and in turn taught the chief and some of the village elders how to read. He did not suspect that he’d just given them total military supremacy over their rival tribes, whom they had been at war with for generations. After the chief and the elders, the first Osokki to become literate were the generals and colonels of the army.

The Osokki were all united under one chief, but they lived in many villages scattered throughout the northern countryside. Since the land was infested with monsters, communication was slow, especially at night. With the gift of written language, the Osokki could carve their battle plans and secret messages on rocks and trees anywhere and their illiterate rivals would be none the wiser.

Besides reading and writing, Toracus had also taught them enchanting, which made their weapons even more powerful. The oldest Osokki written work, The Satowa Dorosa, was written around this time. Its name means “compilation of stories”, and it is a collection of Osokki myths that were told by bards for centuries before being written down. The original text is archived in the Osokkos library to this day.

Within 500 years, the Osokki had conquered/merged with all of their former enemies. Their largest village, Osokkos, had grown immensely from trading with its neighbors and mining the ores beneath its streets. It also began to trade with Tresad, which was far to the south but held ancient secrets worth any price.

By this time, the Osokki language had evolved, and so had it’s writing. Both were now an odd mixture of Spartosan and Osokkan, and was, all things considered, much like the language this history is written in. With their advanced armor, weapons, and enchanting knowledge, the mages of Osokkos became the first humans to set foot in another dimension, the nether.

The city became a trading center, and a solid staple in the route of any trader wandering in the north. Even after the brutal Enderman war, Osokkos still thrives, as a reminder of the ancient times.

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04/02/2019 5:37 pm
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The Osokki tribe is inspired by real life historical celtic tribes, such as the Iceni and Parisii
03/17/2019 10:08 am
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I saw your blog on the list when I posted mine- shame on me for taking so long to comment! I'm very new to this kind of thing so bear with me =) I love the story line and I'll be reading the rest of your blogs soon- keep up the great work!
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