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A How-To Guide for your Jurassic Park (Fossil & Archaeology Mod)

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Centarous avatar Centarous
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Link to the mod

In this mod you mine for fossils and relics in hopes of getting a Scarab Gem, Bio-Fossils, and many more! Once you have your Bio-Fossils you put them in your Analyzer and have the chance of getting a wide variety of Dino DNA, a plant fossil, sand, bone meal, or fern seeds. If by chance you get a DNA you can Cultivate it in your trusty-dusty Culture Vat.
WARNING: A failure in Cultivation of DNA results in a Failure-saurus!

Remember, it's best to Cultivate using Milk Buckets and not Bio-Fossil, Bio-Fossil is harder to obtain, it's also best if you have farms for cows, pigs, and chickens, (Having a wheat farm isn't a bad idea either) eventually you'll need to feed your carnivores live food.

1. Build your dirt house or whatever you want.

2. Go mining, your main priority should be iron, you can only mine fossils with a iron pick.
3. Find fossils
4. Make an Analyzer
5. Make a Culture Vat
6. Once you have an egg start making your enclosure (if the egg is a T-Rex don't use it, it's more of a final enclosure type dino)
7. Start making more Analyzers and Culture Vats
8. You can start upgrading your house when you feel ready.

Dino Care:

1. Get a Feeder and make sure to put plenty of wheat in there.
2. Make sure that your Dino doesn't get harmed by falling off cliffs or mobs.

1. Same things as before in terms of feeders except put pork chops in there.
2. If your Dino is hungry it will kill any mob in the pen.

How to tame Dinos:
1. Put your egg down by right clicking it in your hand, make sure there's a torch near it!
2. Stand within 6 blocks of it until it hatches (So it recognizes you as it's mother)
3. Dinos all have their own instrument to control them, (Sticks control Triceratops for example) use these instruments to make them Stay, Follow, or Free-Walk.

How to tame a T-Rex:
As an infant and adolescent they only run from you, they can only be tamed when they're adults.
1. Defeat the adult T-Rex by hitting him until he lays down and his eyes are shut.
2. Right click the T-Rex with a Scarab Gem and he will obey you

REMEMBER: A T-Rex can break anything weaker than iron. Make a pit in the ground and make the walls and floor made of iron blocks, leave the top open so you can push pigs and cows down there.

I hope this helped you Minecraft Paleontologists on your journey through the Jurassic World.


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01/28/2016 4:28 am
Level 9 : Apprentice Crafter
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How do you get the feeder? Pls Answer
05/13/2016 12:21 am
Level 33 : Artisan Dwarf
spires33 avatar
http://fossils-archeology.wikia.com/wiki/F/A_Mod_Revival_Wiki for all your fossil and arceology mod questions.
07/09/2015 10:42 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Shadow Crafter
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Nice one bro helped me alot
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