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Interview Of PsychoVesuvius!?! - w/ parshu The Host! | 2 |

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avatar parshu
Level 22 : Expert Architect
Hey Guys! Another person actually asked me for a interview! How awesome is that! And now this is definitely going to be a series! Hmm.... lets call it.... 11 questions? I don't really know but you guys can comment a good name for this series I guess. Some info that might help you name it, ALWAYS 11 questions. There has to be one stupid one. And I'm a weird host! Also check out PsychoVesuvius (Now known as Antichrist_Superstar) and give him some support! Now Now, lets get started!

Interview w/ PsychoVesuvius (Antichrist_Superstar)

Does your name come from Mount Vesuvius?
PsychoVesuvius: Yes. I use it because it shows the explosive and destructive nature of my character. I use the same name for my soon to be film production company, music pseudonym, and computer building business. All of those are in the works

parshu: Are you actually a Psycho?
PsychoVesuvius: Am I?

parshu: Whats games do you play? And whats your favorite?
PsychoVesuvius: I play way too many to count. I have 195 games in my steam library. My favourite might have to be ABZU, but I have many. That's simply the one I'm very much enjoying currently.

parshu: Have you ever thought of dancing on a basketball which is on top of a lion?
PsychoVesuvius: Can't say I have.

parshu: Why did join PMC and MC? And when did u hear about it first?
PsychoVesuvius: PMC I joined because I was bored and have very few friends. Therefore there aren't many people to play with. I joined minecraft because it seemed like an interesting game. I cannot recall where I first heard of it. I started playing around 2010, right after redstone was added to the game.

parshu: I see you have loads of skins. Do you like skinning and would you consider yourself as a good Skinner? (please no modest answers... answer truthfully)
PsychoVesuvius: I occasionally like skinning. It gives me a challenge to create something with such limited space. Personally, I think I'm terrible at it. I simply do it for fun.

parshu: Do you like trees? Which one do u hate the most?
PsychoVesuvius: Trees are good. They add to boring scenery. I hate the Manchineel tree. Something about a single touch being able to kill you isn't very pleasant.

parshu: Are you really into gaming or is it just for entertainment for you?
PsychoVesuvius: I kind of big into gaming. I'm gaming less and less because I have to deal with actual life and get my businesses off the ground.

parshu: Can u hypnotize people?
PsychoVesuvius: I wish lol

parshu: Hmm... I just checked you YouTube Channel... So whats your channel about? It looks like science to me...
PsychoVesuvius: It's an arg. It's made up of seemingly random and creepy clips to form a story in the end. The newest video has some eye dosing in it muahahahahaha...

parshu: You like this interview? If you were another person would you like to do this!
PsychoVesuvius: It's rather interesting. Especially #4. I guess it's a decent platform, but then again, I'm quite old in the PMC community. I do think your questions were rather engaging. Well done my friend.

Oh wow! That was a good interview! Well hope you liked it! Tell me any mistakes I might have made in the interview, okay? Well other than that, have a nice life! And i'll see ya guys in another blog!
CreditPsychoVesuvius for requesting! JediJerboa for original idea!

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