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What Does Feedback and inspiration do

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avatar 74cool74
Level 20 : Expert Mage
Hello there Coolers, Im at a loss of inspiration. I dont know what to make. I know some guys might think I'm dead, but Im not. I just wish some people could help me send more feedback. If you guys know how this is barley being known trying to get out there, you know you need inspiration and to just go and have the feeling of getting up and the morning and being like, LETS GO MAKE A SKIN!!!!! I have gotten no feedback and thats what it does to you. This is why I havent made any skins in a while. I wish soem guys who just start doing this, I also know a while back people didnt diamond stuff and still have a problem with it. Well when people dont leave a review thats what it does, so next time you lazy peopel out there dotn want to say anything this might change your mind.

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