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A life of Steve

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Veritas025 avatar Veritas025
Level 54 : Grandmaster Engineer
It was a whole population of us; but, it's just me in my blown up, on fire city. The only remain is my house out in the suburban area. Last week my whole family, and every single friend and thier families were alive. The Nether apparently were smarter then we all thought. Then that's when it happened.
     It was only 6:00am in the morning when I woke up to the sound of our house crackling in fire, luckily while my dad was still alive he put the fire out saving my life! As I said the nether was smarter than we thougt, probably a ghast, blew up one of the many portals, but there were 2 portals right next to each other, and when one blew up it made a chain reaction that opened up the portal to then end. It released the enderdragon to the overworld. It was terrible not only did somebody from our town make a wither he was fighting, the enderdragon was loose too! It was roaming through our great city, destroying the city block by block. The dragon killed every single soldier. He killed the ones with diamond armor, iron armor, and leather clothes and the people with, bows, and every sword. He killed people of every combination you could think of. The leader of our government told us to evacuate and he blew the whole city up! Unfortunately over half the people died , and most of the other half starved or died of first.
      People made underground bases with only what they could find, which was mossy cobblestone, they didn't have any torches or anything, there were too many monsters in there and eventually they died off. They still might be in our world today, but they are probably monster infected, I even read a few diaries there were spawners in there.
      There are still some remains of cities, but not from our city. Probably from older generations. There were still temples to be found, I've only found some in the desert and jungle. They had traps that gave me a few wounds, like an arrow shooting my shoulder, I could see why they wanted to hide thier stuff, thier were gold redstone, iron, bones and if you got lucky diamonds.
       I've adopted to surviving instead of buying my food I had to kill it, clean it, and cook it. Also since our house is in a blown up city I've decided to abandon it and mine wood and precious stones to make my own house. It's definitly not the best but I still am happy I made it. During the nights instead of sleeping, I've been mining since I don't have enough materials to supply myself like the city had enough materials to supply everyone. Also I don't want to wake up to my house on fire again. 
      After years of hard work I made a mansion, with full diamond armor a stack of arrows and gold apples. I feel like Notch has blessed me with all my diamond tools. Then I decided I was truly going to test if Notch has blessed me by returning to the city and killing that dang dragon.
      The dragon has recovered from all the damage since it has been so long since I've last encountered it. The dragon has full health and seems stronger than before! (even though It was probably only imagination). I stared right into his purples eyes, and shot my 1st arrow, and took the 1st bite of a golden apple. It lunged torward me, but before it got too me I shot 2 more arrows. It got to me and then I slashed part of his wing with the diamond sword. It scraped me and my armor. Let me tell you that was a strong dragon it penetrated my armor and gave me a bleeding cut, giving me only 8 and a half hearts to fight the rest of the battle. It kept flying up and down. I kept shooting arrows at it, and it kept bruising me up. I only had 1 and a half heart and I could tell the dragon was dead, maybe one more hit, yes, the way it looks, definitly one more hit will kill him, I get my sword drop my bow I'm out of apples, he flies at me full speed, I run at him full speed, and both of us make contact...

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11/14/2015 4:20 pm
Level 8 : Apprentice Explorer
centour55 avatar
And you both die THE EDND :)
11/14/2015 5:34 pm
Level 54 : Grandmaster Engineer
Veritas025 avatar
I'm taking AP-English at my highschool, and I see quite a few mistakes and quite a bit of areas I could make the story better, but I guess the story ends whatever way you want it to!
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