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Level 32 : Artisan Dragonborn
Hey guys, here is a list of Minecraft Mods that I thought where cool. I'll be doing spotlights of them on my channel: www.youtube.com/JTiffGames

Important Mods to have:
An extremely important one: Modloader
This mod is used by many modders to tie their products into the Minecraft client well and keep it compatible with other mods. This mod is by Risugami.
Check it out:


A less important but good one: Audiomod
This mod is used for mods that change the game completely and need new kinds of audio to be added. This mod is also by Risugami.
Check it out here:


Smoother gameplay: Optifine
This mod allows for people with slower computers to play Minecraft smoothly and without lag. This is extremely important for anyone with a slow computer. Mod by sp614x.
Check it out here:


Good mods to have:
Multiplayer powers in Singleplayer: Singleplayer Commands
This mod adds the commands from multiplayer into your single player game. It also adds many more features including World Edit. Mod by Simo_415.
Check it out here:

Creative Capabilities in Survival: Mob Wands
This mod adds craftable wands into the Mincraft survival game. These wands function like the mob eggs in creative mode, but with a limited durability. Mod by ansien12.
Check it out here:


Mods to check out:
Awesome mod compilation: King's Mods
This compilation adds a better gameplay to Minecraft through a better use of materials. It also makes many materials more useful by adding many new items to the game. Mod compilation by kingbdogz.
Check it out here:


A better village system: MineColony
This mod adds the ability to build a village with doing a minimum of work. It also adds new mobs to the game that will live in your village and collect resources, build, and do many other tasks for you. Mod by lacozzini.
Check it out here:


A new, "Weirder", way to play Minecraft: More Creeps and Weirdos
This mod adds a different style of play to Minecraft. It also adds new goals, new dungeons and most recognizable many new mobs. A good mod if you want a different way to play Minecraft. Mod by freakstritch.
Check it out here:


A RPG Style of Minecraft: Tale of Kingdoms
This mod allows you to have an RPG experience while still plying Minecraft. It allows you to rule your own kingdom while building it up. It gives you people of your own to help fight with you and protect your kingdom from the evil forces. This mod is no longer under development, but a cleaner and better version is being released soon. Mod by TyberAlyx.
Check it out here:

A way to play multiplayer on singleplayer: Humans+
This mod adds new mobs to the game. These include Assassins, Bandits, Knights, and Rogues. This mod also adds two factions to the game (Good vs Evil). You even get to choose which you want. Mod by Mr. okushama.
Check it out here:

Guns in Minecraft: SDK's Mods (Gun Mod)
This mod adds guns to Minecraft. It's self-explanatory. Mod by ScottyDoesKnow (SDK).
Check it out here:


People to build for you: Builders
This mod adds builders to the game that will make you awesome building with you doing almost no work. There are different kind of builders that will use different materials to build. Mod by OgreSean.
Check it out here:


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