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a little bit of the tnt president story

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the tnt president before becomeing a president was a small child living with hiss parrents who farmed for food and where preety poor in a world of a war in a land where thunder storms appear alot of the time so it makes the land dangeourus to live in when he grew up to get some books to his friends his granda saaid:take this gun my son just incase. he took it and after giveing his friends the books he gone but ran into a robber and with out thinking he knew he was robbing he shot the robber ran home and gave the gun back and gone to sleep in the morning they ate barley bread as they allways do.when he grew to go out to the world,when all the sudden 3 soldiers wiith a truck behind said:we need you take this kevlar suit and guns wheere under attack.as he puts the armor on before he gone ha said to his parrents:lock youre dorrs arrents ive gotta go.then he gone to war getting many scratches but suriving going to his parrents and hugging them after the attack was doone and said:i missed you grandpa and grandma.then his parrents asked him:oh honey we wher worried abaout you,are you ok.he said:im ok. and next day gone on to create his own home and farm soon becomeing the best farmer...

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