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ACT II SHORT STORY - A Little Prince's Autumn Request (Tribute to Mid-Autumn Festival)

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Part of Legacy of Prometheus Universe, exclusive to Mid-autumn Festival. After completing the Year 2 Diary of Wuhan virus, of course.
It's about the supposed successor to the full circle of Testare, Norus (Norpy Pharus). His first views about Mid-autumn Festival and upon his death.

And the Declaration of Independence has been issued. The Forvisat has been driven back from the continent, and for once, the Testare rejoiced with celebrations upon the victory. And a grand burial for Melodia - the leader of the insurrection itself who died a heroic death at the hands of Bronus regardless.
The wise Hapyrus concieved Norus after such a banquet with the tribal chieftain.
At birth, he let out a piercing scream, almost rupturing the apothecary itself.
A little heir with such aspirations...
In the time the first remnants of Abraxis arrived in the continent, the Mid-autumn Festival was already underway.
Norus was grown up in such an environment. To enrich his outside experiences, his family decided to take him a walk to the market for buying gifts for their Mid-autumn festival.
He met one of these Abraxican in lapis... approaching towards him. The family decided to draw out their arms in self-defense, but stood down when that stranger showed pleas not to engage in pointless bloodshed.
Turned out that Abraxis native was Plotemy, one of the youngest successors to the House of Logis Arcanis.
After a long time inside the bustling market, the family managed to bring a huge stash of gifts for home.
Before the eternal night replaced the shining sun, that little Plotemy met with Norus privately, offering him a paper censor and the heirloom mace of his House. A pouch of mooncake powder was also given.
The two then embraced each other. Plotemy then bid a farewell and disappeared into the shadows of Amelia's borders.
Many decades have passed,
and another civil war is over. The Testare family retook their place... and put the dictator's plans of "fundamental transformation" into an end.
However, Norus did not live to see that moment. A mere day before the official armistice, the crossfire between Amelia and Testare saw intense fighting, with many laying down their lives there.
Norus was one of them. Against his former penpal who rose the place as a renowned captain of the Amelia borders, the two crossed swords hours after hours until their eventual death by a cannon shot to abruptly end the confrontation.
Both of their corpses were at last returned to their family for a proper burial.
Rest in peace, Norus... You shall not be forgotten.

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