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A long time ago...

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avatar JeTSpice
Level 46 : Master Artist
Across the void, blocks of yellow wool scrolled into infinity as the sound of note blocks plunked away.

A long time ago,

in a biome far, far, away...


It was a time of mining and crafting. Blocky voidships, striking from a hidden base, had won their first victory against the evil Mob Faction.

During the battle, villager spies managed to steal a map of the Faction's ultimate weapon, the Death Build, a huge stone sphere spanning 250 blocks, with enough TNT cannons to destroy an entire biome.

Pursued by the Faction's sinister agents, Princess Lava raced home aboard her starship... which, powered by the Zeppelin mod, was not all that fast... custodian of the stolen map that could save the villagers and restore peaceful play to the overworld...

The desert biome of TNTooine floated like an island in the void, glowing against the darkness. A small blocky villager voidcraft, shot fire charges from the back of the ship. It was pursed by a giant Faction destroyer. Hundreds of deadly TNT blocks streaked from the destroyer, causing part of the smaller craft to disintegrate.

An explosion rocked the ship as two utility mobs, RCube-DCube and See-Creeper-Oh, struggled to make their way through the rumbling passageway. Both utilities were old and battered. RCube was a short, headless box on legs. His torso was a mass of pixelized lights surrounding a radar eye. Creepero, on the other hand, was of crafter proportions. He has a gleaming bronze-like metallic surface.

Another blast shook them as they struggled along their way.

"Did you hear that?" Creepero whined, "Our wool hull is on fire. We'll be destroyed for sure. This is madness."

Villagers rushed past the utility mobs and took up positions in the main passageway. They aimed their weapons toward the door.

"We're doomed!" Creepero threw up his hands.

The little RCube util made a series of eight-bit beeps that only another utility mob could understand.

"There'll be no escape for the Princess this time." Creepero affirmed.

RCube continued sounding off. Tension mounted as the sound of piston latches were heard clamping on to the outside hull of the ship.

"What's that?" Creepero gasped.

Out in the void, the Faction destroyer had easily overtaken the blocky villager craft. The smaller ship was being drawn into its underside dock.

Inside, the nervous villagers aimed their weapons at the main docking hatch. Suddenly a tremendous blast opened up a hole in the hatch, and a score of fearsome armored StoneTroopers made their way through the smoky particles.

In a few minutes the entire passageway was ablaze with arrowfire. StoneTroopers scattered and ducked behind bulkheads. Fiery arrows hit several villagers who screamed "Hm", and staggered through the smoke.

An explosion hit near the utility mobs.

"I should have known better than to trust the logic of a half-sized blockhead like you." Creepero said.

RCube counters with an angry rebuttal as the battled raged around the two hapless utility mobs as they scurried to safer parts of the ship.

Moments later, the awesome Dark Nether made his way into the blinding lights of the main passageway. He stood three blocks tall and bore the markings of a wither. His face was obscured by a skull-like breath mask, and he wore a black leather robe which stood out next to the iron armor of the StoneTroopers. Everyone instinctively backed away from the imposing warrior and a deathly quiet swept through the remaining villagers.

A beautiful crafter's hand placed a map into the chest of RCube's boxy head. RCube made a synthetic sound of acknowledgement.

Out in the hallway, Creepero stood somewhat bewildered. RCube was nowhere in sight. The pitiful screaming "Hm! Hm!" of the doomed villagers could be heard in the distance.

"RCube! RCube-DCube," Creepero insisted, "Where are you?"

A familiar squeak of a closing chest grabbed Creepero's attention and he spotted little RCube at the end of the hallway in a particle-filled alcove. A beautiful young crafter stood in front of RCube. She finished adjusting something on RCube's latch, then watched as the little utility mob joined his companion.

"At last! Where have you been?" Creepero whined. StoneTroopers could be heard battling in the distance, and fast approaching. "They're heading in this direction. What are we going to do?" Creepero asked, "We'll be sent to the Nether or smashed into who knows what!"

RCube scooted past his bronze friend and raced down the sub-hallway. Creepero chased after him.

"Wait a minute," Creepero insisted, "Where are you going?"

RCube responded with a thpt and a boop, confident of his new mission.

Elsewhere in the ship, the evil Dark Nether stood amid floating bones and the drops of his foes. He grabbed a wounded librarian by the neck as a Faction member approached. "The Death Build map is not in the main storage area." Nether squeezed the neck of the librarian, who struggled in vain. He lifted the villager off his feet by his throat.

"What have you done with that map?" Nether demanded.

"We received no map..." the librarian said, struggling to breath. "hm...This is a neutral ship...hm We're on a diplomatic mission."

"If this is a diplomatic ship...were is the Ambassador?" Nether demanded.

The villager refused to speak. Dark Nether squeezed his throat, creating a gruesome snapping and choking, until the villager went limp. Nether tossed the librarian against the wall, who burned red and expired, and then turned to the StoneTroopers.

"Commander," Nether said, "Tear this ship apart until you've found that map and bring me the Ambassador. I want that crafter alive!"

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